Making {Slightly Bookish} Music @ Reading In Winter (4)

making music-01

It’s time for another installment of Making Music!

Since my little boy likes to listen to my music, I’ve gotten the chance to listen through a lot of the songs that I’ve written over the years. It really is an eye opener! I’m sure there are plenty tracks that I’ve recorded that I wouldn’t have a clue how to play now. I mean, I write out chords and stuff, but sometimes even that eludes me.

Not only do I have chords written out, but I also have a file on my computer called ‘Scraps.’ This is where I put neglected musical bits that I found no use for. One day last year I decided to go through some of these bits and I found a really simple one. At the time, I had been working at the library helping to pack up books for our move into the brand new library. It was entire shifts dedicated to taking books off the shelf, marking them as ‘storage’ in the system, putting them in boxes, and then labeling the boxes. You’d think that it would be tedious work, but I loved it. So much so that the theme made its way into this song.

The song is called ‘Boxes’ and I had the musical part already recorded when I went to write. I honestly had no idea what kind of words to write with the song, so I just started to sing and record. After about a half hour I had these layers of voices on top of one another. It’s kind of rough, but I like it.

boxes filled with books
arrange them from a to z
fill the box with memories
and lovers
i’ll break apart my body like stars
break myself into pieces
add them next to my favourite dreams
next to my favourite hearts
oh, love, love, love
i’m filling boxes with love
stack them high, oh love,
fill them up, fill them up …
oh love, love, love
next to piles of love
oh the stars break in pieces
to dust — scatter me, scatter me, scatter me …
oh love
fall in puddles, puddles to the floor
puddles, puddles to the floor
we fall, we fall …
oh love, love, love
stacked in piles, oh love,
break like stars, oh love …
we fill them up, fill them up, fill them

Copyright © 2014, Kristilyn Robertson. All rights reserved.



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