Cover Love: The Colour Series — Shades of Yellow

cover love 2014-01

I thought something fun for this Cover Love feature could be featuring different COLOURS of covers. Personally, I think that along with being drawn to beautiful covers, we’re also drawn to certain colours. And I find that some cover designers neglect certain colours, while other colours are used ALL the time. If you have a favourite book with a colour in any of these Cover Love posts, let me know!

Shades of Yellow

amplified ask the passengers dust lands his at night
naomi and ely's no kiss list paper towns pretty little liars pygmy
reunited the girl with the dragon tattoo the help tuck everlasting

Which one of these covers do you like best? 



8 thoughts on “Cover Love: The Colour Series — Shades of Yellow

  1. I think I like the last three covers the best.

    Have you read Pretty Little Liars? Would you recommend it for a 13-year-old? My daughter wants to read them, but I don’t know what they’re like.

    • I haven’t read that series … maybe try getting it from the library or a friend and see if it’s appropriate before buying? I think it’s kind of like Gossip Girl, is it not? At any rate, I think that it would also depend on the child on whether or not a certain book is suitable … Sorry I’m not too much help!

  2. Looking at all of these together, I think I’ve realized I don’t like yellow covers! Haha

    They’re just so bright, and hard to look at all together like that.

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