And this is where I gracefully drop out of the #1Tale2Cities read-along …


I’m sorry Dickens. It’s not you, it’s me.

Actually, I think in this case, you might be partially to blame.

I can’t understand you. I feel like we’re both talking two different languages and with each page, I’m getting more and more frustrated.

In truth, I picked you up and read the first hundred pages or so for the first update, then put you down and haven’t picked you up again. In fact, I haven’t even wanted to pick you up again.

I know, I see you eyeing me over on my nightstand, but instead I want to grab all of the other books to read instead. The books I know will make more sense than you ever did.

Maybe we’ll get along better in the future, who knows.

I can’t say that I’m actually DNF-ing you yet because I might still work at you page by page, just to see what the fuss is about, but I can’t say that I want to force myself to read your pages. It’s just frustrating me and I want to throw you across the room.

May we meet again in the future, Dickens. For now, I think I’ll just pick up something light.



7 thoughts on “And this is where I gracefully drop out of the #1Tale2Cities read-along …

  1. Well, you tried right? Everyone has books they just can’t get through. I once started Les Mis in high school, and quickly took it back to the library (everyone one tried it because we had a reading program and it was worth ALL the point you needed plus some!). I might pick it up again someday.

    Better to give it a break than to force yourself.

  2. I read A Tale of Two Cities once in high school and I simply don’t remember too much about it. I sort of liked it, but it wasn’t my favorite book ever. (Though the ending is amazing and it’s worth reading just to get to that.) I think it was because the book really draws on stereotypes. I’ve since been told that it’s intentional, and the style of other Dickens books can be quite different, yet I’ve never managed to pick up a Dickens book since.

    • I’ve heard that the ending is great, which is why I don’t want to mark it as a DNF … yet. I might still slodge through it, no matter how long it takes! Of course, right now it’s just collecting dust …

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  4. I don’t blame you for the DNF. I’m not getting anything from this book either, but I probably will finish it since I’ve only got a few chapters to go. Have you read any other Dickens?

    • Glad to see I’m not the only one, though kudos to you for almost getting to the end! It’s my first Dickens. I hate to say that it might be my last, but it really didn’t impress me enough to want to pick up another one!

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