[Audiobook] Review: Faerie Wars (The Faerie Wars Chronicles, #1) by Herbie Brennan


faerie warsTitle: Faerie Wars
Series: The Faerie Wars Chronicles, #1
Author: Herbie Brennan
Genre: Fantasy
Source: Purchased (Audiobook)

Length: 11 hours 6 minutes (Unabridged)
Narrated by: Gerard Doyle
Published by: Recorded Books


When Henry Atherton helps Mr. Fogarty clean up around his house, he expects to find a mess and a cranky old man; what he doesn’t expect to find is Pyrgus Malvae, crown prince of the Faerie realm, who has escaped the treacherous Faeries of the Night by traveling to the human world through a portal powered by trapped lightning. An egomaniacal demon prince, greedy glue factory owners Brimstone and Chalkhill, and the nefarious Lord Hairstreak, leader of the Faeries of the Night, all dream of ruling the Faerie realm and are out to kill Pyrgus.

Enlisting the help of his sister, Holly Blue, and his new friend, Henry, Pyrgus must get back to the Faerie world alive before one of his many enemies gets to him instead. But how many portals are open, and can Pyrgus find the right one before it falls into the wrong hands?

Conjuring scenes filled with vivid color, unforgettable detail, and fearless characters, author Herbie Brennan brings readers to the Faerie world, where nothing is ever what it seems and no one can be trusted.

my thoughts-01

I’m not really a big faerie (fairy?) fan. I haven’t read a lot of books about the fae, but they’ve always been one of those confusing paranormal creatures to me. With this book, my confusion was mostly with the fact that the faeries didn’t seem to be any different from the regular humans. I mean, they lived in a different world, accessible through a portal, had their kings and royal families, but other than that there was nothing that made them particularly faerie-like.

That’s not to say that I didn’t like the book. I did really enjoy the characters, but I found the story to be confusing. In the beginning, we get Henry’s story, which wasn’t bad. I didn’t get how it had to do with faeries, but I was willing to go with it. Then, we get into the story of Pyrgus. For quite some time.

I was confused.

It took me a LONG time to really get into this story and while I liked certain parts of it – some of the more humorous sections – I didn’t quite get what was going on. It reminded me a bit of Harry Potter in some parts, but I felt like there was just too much going on, too many worlds, that I just didn’t care for the story by the end.

I did really enjoy the audio of this book. The narrator had perfect pacing and inflection and even though he seemed a bit older than the main character, he still told the story quite well. It may have been a tad slow for my taste, but thanks to the ability to speed up books on my iPod, I could listen at a bit of a faster pace.

Maybe the whole fantasy aspect of the book threw me, or maybe it was because it was a middle grade fantasy, but the book just didn’t grab me like it did other bloggers. It might even lie in the fact that the faeries just weren’t faeries in my mind. They were just beings of another world. Not as exciting.

I may still try the audiobook for the second book to see if the series gets better, but we’ll see.


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