Discussion: Reading Habits — How MANY Do You Read?


I am a multi-tasker. I can do many things at once and I like doing this because it seems like I finish MORE things in a quicker amount of time. Or maybe it just seems like it’s a quicker amount of time because all of a sudden — BAM! BAM! BAM! — all the things are done … but it’s been a long time.

When it comes to reading, I have tended towards reading a few different books at one time. For example, I might have a  book I’m reading at bedtime, an ARC I’m reading during the day, and an audiobook I’m listening to while in the car or while doing housework. Or, there’s always that book that sits on my ‘currently-reading’ shelf for-EVER until I finally figure out that I’m never going to finish it — though that doesn’t stop me from persevering and reading the odd page now and then.

If I do feel like starting something new while I’m currently reading something else, it might be because my current read is maybe a little dense, or maybe it’s a non-fiction or memoir-type book, or maybe because the book I want to read is something so completely opposite of what I’m reading that there’s no way I can get the two confused. You know, I wouldn’t read two vampire books at the same time, but maybe a YA contemporary, a paranormal romance, and a non-fiction. Mix it up, yo.

But this doesn’t ALWAYS happen. Most of the time, I’m perfectly content reading just ONE BOOK at a time. I like to sit down, start that book, maybe take a break and think about that book, then finish that book. Then dive into the next one. That way I can fully invest myself into the characters and the world and not worry about coming back to a book thinking, “OK, now … who were these people again?” It’s less confusing that way.

(As a sidenote, this is NOT the case when I decide to start a book before bed. If I’m super tired but still push myself through a few chapters, chances are I’ll wake up confused and have to start over. I do not recommend starting to read a new book when you aren’t really sure where you are or who you are. Just go to sleep.)

So, for me, while I do try to venture off the beaten path of sticking to one book at a time, I only do so if I have books that are so different from one another that it’ll be okay to read them simultaneously, or else I just stick to one.

How do you read your books? Are you a person who can read numerous books at a time? 



31 thoughts on “Discussion: Reading Habits — How MANY Do You Read?

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  2. I always have two books going – a physical book/eBook and an audiobook. Every now and again I’ll have a third one going, but that’s usually because I got stuck somewhere without a book (gasp!) and found one to pick up.

  3. I am so non-habitual. Through my life I have mostly been one book at a time UNLESS I have something I am reading for a course I was taking. But lately I have been listening to audio books while I work in the yard and drive, I have been reading a couple of pages of Lucy Worsely’s THE COURTIERS, and am reading at least one of the 900 million books on my TBR mountain. I wish I would start getting audiobooks from publishers because I will probably run out of library downloads soon. My post link up in the meme: http://fangswandsandfairydust.com/2014/06/sunday-post-6-15.html if it is okay to put it in here otherwise please feel free to edit it out.

      • So much so I find myself working outside more to justify listening. I and reading WRITTEN IN MY OWN HEART’S BLOOD.

      • Oooh … great pick! I’ve only read the first three in that series but hope to continue on one day! I remember when I first started on audiobooks, I would find cleaning and other jobs to do just so I could listen!

  4. I never used to read more than one book at a time (other than reading for work, which I don’t count.) Then I started listening to audiobooks, and then I started blogging. Right now I’m in the middle of a mystery ARC, a Percy Jackson book, a nonfiction audiobook, and a fantasy romance. And that’s not counting the three or four books that are still marked “Currently reading” even though I haven’t picked them up in over a month (or longer.) I haven’t given up on them, so I haven’t marked them DNF.

    That said, I do like to sit down and read a book straight through, in one or two sittings, without interruption from other books. I just don’t always have the leisure of doing so these days!

    • I think. That’s why I like multiple books … If I don’t have the time to read in a few sittings, I’ll get bored. It’s nice to have a few to focus on.

  5. I never read just one book at a time. If I am, it’s because I’ve just finished all the other books I had going and haven’t had the chance to start anything new yet. I leave my in-progress books around the house, so I have different books for different rooms. I’m currently reading 5, but I’ve been known to read up to 7.

  6. I don’t have a set number because every day varies. I do normally listen to an audio while reading an ebook and also have the odd paperback open somewhere. It really depends on how much the ebook catches my attention.

    Currently, I’m reading a 672 page cookbook, the new Dean Koontz, and a new audible. Completely different books though!

  7. If I look at my Goodreads “currently reading” list right now, I’m reading:

    -The Book Thief
    -The Bees
    -Stardust (yes, I’m finally trying out a Neil Gaiman 🙂 )
    -My Soul to Take
    -One Hundred Years of Solitude (Still working on it..lol Finally found a new copy to continue on though)
    -Ready Player One

    So six books. Two are audiobooks, 3 ebooks and one physical book. Normally I only have about 3 on the go (one of each format), so this is a lot for me. lol

    I do tend to concentrate more on one book at a time though. So Right now focusing on The Bees because it’s pretty awesome and The Book Thief, as it’s my physical book and Ready Player One when I’m listening.

    For some reason I can set a book down and forget everything, but as soon as I’m back to reading it, I remember everything I’ve read again. And if I’m rereading, I can remember what I was doing the last time I read the book for certain parts. It’s pretty weird because I totally have bad book amnesia..

  8. I’m the same way. I have about 3 going at the same time. I have noticed that no matter when I start each one, I finish them all at about the same time.

  9. i like reading one book. not much but every once in a while I will read two books at the same time. I also like to read a book and then take breaks to think about what I just read. Sometimes I get a book hangover and can’t read for days because the book was just that good.

  10. I’m a person who “reads” multiple books at once. Although honestly, the reason this happens is because I lose interest in one or more of the books I’m reading, and sometimes I run the risk of not finishing the book altogether. I wish I were one of those people who could devote their sole attention to one book at a time. I think I could accomplish more that way!

    • I probably could, too! I’m reading three right now mainly because one is huge and I don’t want to trudge through it forever and then I had two others I just had to read. Meh. I’ll get through them eventually!

  11. I can read multiple books, but I prefer to just read one at a time when possible. Lately I’ve been juggling two books–one I read on my phone on the Kindle app when I’m at the gym and the then a physical book. I don’t typically read more than two at a time, though, and that’s only generally for things like that–when I’m reading different formats(sometimes it’s a physical book and an audiobook, etc.) That’s for fiction–when I’m in the mood for non-fiction, I often read multiple non-fiction books at a time because I like to alternate between chapters.

    • I find that nonfiction is easier to get through if I don’t read it straight through. And I tend to have a book going on my Kindle app on my phone for those days I need a book, but forget to bring one.

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