Feature: The Edmonton Book Bloggers’ Favourite Things — Mandy from Forever Young Adult

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I have a lot of favourite book bloggers out there, but sometimes it’s hard to get to know them just from reading posts. I thought it might be fun to have a brief “interview” of favourite things with all of my favourite bloggers – hopefully a way to get to know them a bit better!

Featuring MANDY from Forever Young Adult

Tell me a bit about you and your blog:
I write for Forever Young Adult, “For YA readers who are a little less Y and a bit more A”. I’ve always been a bookworm, but it wasn’t until I started working that I really got into YA. That was how I found FYA; I started as a reader, then I became an intern, and now I’m a full-time blogger!

Book and Blogging Favourites:

Favourite thing about blogging?
Being able to connect with so many fellow readers around the world. My in-person friends don’t read as much as I do, and they definitely don’t squee like I do over YA, either!

Favourite blogging event?
I just started blogging earlier this year, so I haven’t participated in many events yet. But the ones that I have been taken part in have been so much fun — like the Edmonton Book Bloggers meetups, and the FYA Book Club meetings that I’ve started up with Elizabeth from Gossamer Obsessions.

harry potter philosopher's stoneFavourite book?
GAHH I never know how to answer this question! Though my go-to answer is always Harry Potter.

Favourite author?
Again, such an impossible question. I’m greedy and have a lot of favourites. But my very first fave was Roald Dahl, so let’s go with him.

Favourite book cover?
John Rocco’s covers for Rick Riordan’s Heroes of Olympus series are up there with my all-time faves. I’ve gushed so much over those bad boys.

Favourite genre?
Contemporary, sci-fi, dystopia… I read pretty much any genre, but those ones show up the most on my reading list.

Favourite place to buy/obtain books?
The library! EPL is the shiznit.

Favourite beverage while reading?
I don’t really drink anything while I read. With my coordination, I’d just spill my drink all over my book.

Favourite snack while reading?
I don’t really snack while I read, either! Although sometimes I read during a meal. But sometimes this backfires on me, like when I once read a barf-tastic romance over dim sum. Never again.

Favourite place to read?
Would it surprise you to hear that I don’t have a fave? I’ll pretty much read anywhere I can. But I do most of my reading during my commute to and from work on ETS. (You’re welcome for all the shout-outs, City of Edmonton!)

Favourite time of day to read?
During my morning commute. Everyone else is still sleepy and quiet, so I can read without putting on the music. (I like reading with music, too. But I’m just lazy haha and it cuts into reading time!)

Favourite season for reading?
Summer. More natural light in the mornings for me to read!

Favourite bookish quote?
Just one!? (These questions are impossible, Kristilyn!) I’m kind of terrible at keeping track of favourite quotes. The only one I keep thinking of for some reason is “Stay gold, Ponyboy”, so sure. Oh, wait! There’s one from Hamlet that I always think of when I’m writing: “Brevity is the soul of wit.” Thanks, Grade 12 English teacher!

Real Life Favourites:

Favourite food or dish?
Such a loaded question! I seriously spend way too much time thinking about food. But I’ll go with anything my grandma makes! Awesome cook, and amazing lady all around.

Favourite animal?
Sharks, because they look funny, and giraffes, because I like irony (I’m short).

Favourite season?
Autumn. When it’s cool enough to justify trenches, boots, and gloves, but it hasn’t reached shivering temperatures yet.

Favourite colour?

Favourite smell?
Freshly baked bread! (See what I mean about that food thing?) And not that I drink it it, but reeeally strong coffee.

Favourite ice cream?
Omg I’m a serious frozen dessert fiend: froyo, gelato, ice cream, EVERYTHING. Flavour-wise, cappuccino, taro, black sesame, hazelnut… I could go on.

(In my own defense, I feel like I should clarify that I don’t have a food addiction. I just really like food!)

Favourite movie?
Seriously, these questions! I’ll go with two oldies: Singin’ in the Rain to make you smile, and Grave of the Fireflies to bum you out.

Favourite place to visit?
Everywhere? I can’t get enough of travelling. I went to Europe earlier this year, and I absolutely fell in love with Prague. Most of my relatives live in Hong Kong, so I love going back there, too.

Thank you for being a part of this feature!



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