Challenge Update: Anne & Kristilyn’s 2014 Book Bingo Reading Challenge (Update #2)

2014 Bingo Challenge-01

This post is for the participants of the 2014 Book Bingo reading challenge! Thank you to all the participants — we hope you’re having fun!

For the full post on this challenge and to sign up, visit the original post page.

This is the SECOND update for the challenge — how is everyone doing with their Bingo scorecards? Any winners yet?

Add your update page to the Linky below — whether you’ve reached a line, a square, or if you’ve already blacked out the board, we want to see your progress! Be sure to share your updates as you read on Twitter using the hashtag #2014BookBingo. If you don’t have a post about your update, that’s okay! Feel free to add your update in the comments below!

For example, you can see the progress I’ve made on my Book Bingo page.

A few reminders:ย 

If you’re joining the challenge late, any of the books you’ve read since January 1st can be used toward the challenge.

And some housekeeping:ย 

This is the second year of the Book Bingo challenge for me and Anne! We hope to bring it to you next year, so I ask: how are we doing? Is there anything you would change about the challenge?ย 

And most importantly, I hope you are all having FUN with the challenge!

The next update will take place on OCTOBER 1, 2014!ย 

Are you participating in the Book Bingo challenge? Have you become the super reader yet?ย 



16 thoughts on “Challenge Update: Anne & Kristilyn’s 2014 Book Bingo Reading Challenge (Update #2)

  1. I finished the last book I needed for a blackout yesterday! I technically could have been done earlier but I really wanted my read 2 books from a series square to be from the same series … I had a lot of fun with this, thanks for hosting (I know I could keep going but I think it’s better if I start scratching off challenges as the year goes on).

  2. I’m a few squares short of a blackout! I’m a bit late on my update post but I just edited my scorecard and composing my post now ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I can’t believe it’s already half over!

    • Wow — awesome job! I’m glad you liked the card more this year. So do I! I hope to have the same thing next year. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Great job becoming the super reader!

  3. Wow, you guys are all super fast readers! I completed the diagonal I had planned to read, so now I’m going for a blackout. I’ve only read 18 out of the 55 spots, so it probably won’t happen, but I’m having a lot of fun and completing other goals for the year at the same time! Can’t wait to see where the rest of the year takes me!

  4. So I was working on my update & I noticed I was having a hard time with the New Releases column. Probably not as hard as it seems but I guess its the hardest for me due to the reluctance to buy new books & how hard they are to get from the library. Just a thought!

    I do really love this & would love if you guys did another one next year! I’m really looking forward to what 2015 will bring in my reading world!

    • How often does your library get new releases? We have a section of our library where there are new releases that can only be lent out for a week and there are no holds, which is great … otherwise the wait lists are usually huge!

      I was debating on whether to do this again in 2015, but I think I will … it’s so much fun! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Happy new year 2015 from Manitoba! Here is my blog post, where I will update everything in the morning. I donโ€™t want to miss prizes related to this group because I have worked very hard and succeeded very well. I need to go out for new yearโ€™s eve. Let it be noted while it is still December 2014, I have finished the whole bingo card!

    Please advise by e-mail or my blog, if thereโ€™s a page for wrap-up posts, or any problem updating in the morning. Otherwise Iโ€™ll link what I need, at the most recent page I can find on dial-up internet. Yours truly, Carolyn Of RIEDEL Fascination.

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