{Book Reviews} Christmas in July & The Case of the Missing Internet

This past weekend I decided to brush off my ereader and actually start using it! I have a whole mess of NetGalley books that I really do want to work through and they’re not going to get read without that ereader!

Only now that’s a bit of a lie, since I’ve been reading using the Kindle app on my iPad WHILE the actual Kindle charges. I only hope that it helps rekindle my love for something smaller and less bulky when it comes to reading. The iPad is starting to hurt my wrist! And it sure hurts the face when it falls on you while reading in bed …

At any rate, I wanted something light and fluffy, so I scoured my shelf on NetGalley for the romances. I happen to have a thing for certain Christian romances, so I thought I’d start the Year of Weddings series, by various Christian authors. The first book had me hooked — and smiling the whole time! — right from the first page and from there I decided to just keep going!

Thank you to Zondervan and NetGalley for sending me a copy of these books for review! 

a december brideA December Bride (A Year of Weddings, #1) by Denise Hunter

When I started reading this novella, it was a balmy 33 degrees celcius outside. That’s HOT for where I live. Naturally, it made the most sense to start reading a Christmas romance!

It was perfect! Before I get to the romance part, I have to say that the scenery was set in such a way that I felt a cool chill wash over me when I read the story (or was that the AC?). I longed for the days of sleighs and lights on the houses, the smell of pine needles, the taste of gingerbread cookies. The mood for a Christmas story was perfectly set throughout the whole novella and there were times that I had to remind myself that Christmas is still five and a half months away!

Layla was not a perfect character. I found her extremely hard and cold in the beginning of the book — which is to be expected, since her fiance ditched her for her cousin. She takes this out on her ex-fiance’s ex-best friend, Seth, who she thought set the two up. I loved seeing her walls come down as she got to know Seth better — he was such a great character, even if he came off a little strong at first!

This was one of those swoony romances that I love — not steamy, but just full of so many sweet gestures and words that had me smiling like a lunatic as I read.  I wondered why I had put off these books for so long and instantly told myself that I had to read the next three galleys I had — and maybe request whatever new ones were up! It’s not too heavy on the religious aspect, which was nice, but even still. The romance was perfect and it’s one of those stories that’s too easy to gobble up on a sunny — and probably even a wintery — afternoon. With a cup of tea and some gingersnaps, I would easily read it again!


a january brideA January Bride (A Year of Weddings, #2) by Deborah Raney

For me, January is probably one of the gloomier months. After all of the festivities of the holidays, the snow just goes on and on, and I can never find enough blankets to keep me warm.

Thankfully, as I read this one — very close on the coattails of the previous novel in the series! — it was not January, but July. The mood in this story was very different from the previous book. No holiday scenes or snow falling (though there was some snow!); instead, we’re at the venue of an old inn, where writer Maddie goes to work on her novel after some construction issues arise at her sister’s house where she’s staying.

Can I just say that this story was cute? I loved the idea of the notes passed back and forth between Maddie and the innkeeper, Art. Not only that, but the misconceptions they had about each other was damn near perfect. Yeah, it might have been a bit predictable, but that’s to be expected of a story like this.

Special props have to go to Alex who made me, the one who doesn’t like cats, like cats.

Maddie was a great character. She was a writer and I feel like I could kind of relate with her since I’ve dabbled in writing and just reading about her going every day to write her words made me want to write again. Funny how stories can do that. I could totally understand her heart since Art’s situation wasn’t one that was typical. He was a wonderful character in that he wasn’t of the norm when it comes to male leads. He had a bit of heartbreak to go with his young age, so it was great to see him and Maddie get to know one another — even if they both got it all wrong at first!

The funny thing about this story is that throughout reading it all I could think about was that if I had someone staying at my house who was a writer, the first thing I would be doing is looking that person up on the internet! Or if I was that writer going to stay at an inn to write, I’d probably look up the inn — maybe catching a picture of the proprietor. Of course, that wouldn’t make for a good romance now, would it?

Another fun story in the Year of Wedding series, though probably a little bit higher on the religion themes. Still, the romance in the story was great and it was fun to see the two characters put two and two together as the story went on.


Do you read wintery books on summer days? What are some of your favourite wedding books? 



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