Re-KINDLE-ing my love of my ereader {with awesome ARCs and cold coffee}

The one thing that people told me before having a baby was that I was going to use my ereader a LOT. I was so worried that I wouldn’t be able to read at all once I had LO that I figured reading a physical book would be out of the question. Little did I know that the year would go by and I would read a mere three books on my ereader, and close to 50 physical books!


Eventually, I knew it would be time ot dust off the Kindle, CHARGE it, and start using it again!

So what happened?

I went through my list of books read last year and I read 75 books on my ereader! That’s pretty amazing for me since I’ve been pretty adamant about REAL books this whole time. I kind of figured that everyone would be right and I would be attached to my ereader this year, but a few things changed:

1. I wasn’t as into reading as I thought I would be. 

Yeah, pre-baby me was all, “BUT ALL THE BOOKS!” While post-baby me was all, “There are other important things.” It’s not that I don’t still love to read — because I do — but priorities totally changed. It was like the instant LO came into the world, I knew nothing would be the same.

2. It actually wasn’t as hard to fit in real books as I thought it would be. 

Yeah, ereaders are super handy, but when LO went from taking 40 minutes to eat to 5 minutes, there was no way I could sit down with my book and get into it. Plus, I went from having to get up every 3 hours in the night (for about 20 minutes a time) to getting up once for a brief 5 minute feeding where I would try to stay in the sleep zone until I could crawl back into bed. For a while, he would also sleep until about 6:30 or so and I’d be up with the husband at 5:00 — not to mention the nightly reading time I got — so why not dig into a real book?

Why then, I know you’re asking, are you writing a post about ereaders, then? 

Because I’m realizing that while they’re so handy, it’s so hard to see the books right in front of you that you need to read. With all the books on my shelves, I can see them and say, “Oh right! I wanted to read that!” and pick it up and read, whereas I have to turn on the Kindle and search through the books on it. Which means it needs to be somewhere I can find it and it needs to be charged. Sometimes it’s just not the same.

Thank GOODNESS for review books, though! And for the crappy reading on my iPad! I decided it was high time I read a good romance, so last weekend I loaded up the Kindle app on my iPad (since the Kindle was dead) and found a good one. Within a few days I had read my historical romance, as well as dove into a new series. My eyes were KILLING me. I was loving reading the ARCs, but I realized that I loved the lightweight quality of the Kindle, the fact that it was just like reading a book (instead of the light on the iPad), and that the battery lasted so much longer. It’s also so much easier to just pop it in the diaper bag, or whip out for a feeding where I know LO is going to fall asleep. MUCH less bulky to read around him.

Plus, the little bugger has figured out that if he touches the screen of the iPad, things happen — not so much with my Kindle! He’s less interested in touching it all the time, which is a huge bonus.

So today, since it’s pouring rain outside, I’m curling up on the couch while LO naps, with my Kindle and a cold Starbucks Chai Latte, to read. It’s the 6th ARC of the week for me — Roomies by Sara Zarr and Tara Altebrando — which is pretty amazing and I’m happy to say that my love affair with my Kindle is starting to get back to where it used to be.

For now I’ll say sorry to my physical books — I’ll get back to you eventually. But for now, I think I’ll just relish in the ease of the ereader (and knock out more review books while I’m in the zone!).

Do you use your ereader? Has your use of your ereader changed over the years? With children? 



11 thoughts on “Re-KINDLE-ing my love of my ereader {with awesome ARCs and cold coffee}

  1. Looking back (way back!) to the years when my children were babies, I don’t recall reading that much. Although with my first one, I did attend graduate school at night, so I was reading textbooks. And I did that for a few years until I finally got my master’s degree.

    Only then did I return to novels. But the ereader only came to me four years ago, thanks to my daughter, who deplored the state of my overcrowded bookshelves.

    I used it less in the beginning, not really enjoying the reading experience. But I do love how easy it is to download books…and now, most of my new books come to me via Sparky, my Kindle.

    And the review books are my print versions. With rare exceptions.

    It is getting easier to use the Kindle…and I love stashing it in my bag to take with me for appointments or to the coffee shop.

    • That’s a HUGE bonus, being able to just throw it in your bag. Rather than the big bulky book you might currently be reading. There’s also the fact that you can have the Kindle app on your phone or other devices and sync it — just in case you DON’T have the Kindle with you.

      And don’t even get me started on my bookshelves … They’re a mess, but I love them. 🙂

  2. My baby is 7 and I didn’t have a Kindle then but I had more time to read and have been blogging now for 4 years, 3 years with a Kindle. I LOVE my ereader so much that I see the books even my old favourites, hardbacks and just continue to look past them, sigh. I thought one per month but that is not getting me either.

    I’m glad your enjoying and finding a good reason to use your Kindle. The battery last forever and it also charges fast I think.

    I love that babies figure out how to touch the iPad but lose interest in the Kindle, lol

    • Ha ha … he does love books, though! He can be a grumpy butt at bedtime, but gets really happy when the books come out. 🙂 I do love to read real books sometimes when he’s around so he sees it … maybe that’ll get him into reading? I feel like he wouldn’t get the idea of it with an ereader!

      Hopefully one day you’ll get to at least one or more of your physical books in a month!

  3. I keep trying to use my e-reader more. I’ve had my NOOK for a long time. But I’ve only bought a handful of books to read on it. I use it to read samples of books before I go and buy them in print at the store. And my husband uses it to play games on. I just love my books and don’t think I’ll ever change. I tried….but no go – LOL!

    Linda in VA (who loves your blog)!

  4. No ereader here, but I have wished I’ve had one while nursing the last little while. Sometimes the book is just too big or heavy to hold while nursing and often the turnig of the pages distracts Sully. And now, sometime he even reaches up and slams shut my book and then I lose my spot haha!

    So I finally downloaded the bloglovin up on my phone and use our shorter nursing sessions to catch up on blog reading, which I’m actually really enjoying!

    • LO reaches up at the iPad if I’m reading something on it … he’s taught us how to do a few things on it! Ha ha … I used my Kobo a LOT during those first feedings — and it came in handy when he was in the NICU and I couldn’t do much but sit and watch him.

      If ever I get a new Kindle or Kobo, I’ll think of you and pass one of mine along. 🙂 No reader should be without an ereader — especially with a child. It’s super handy!

  5. I think I do a pretty decent job of reading both physical books (I better be reading them after the 20 I bought this month.. No, I don’t even know.. ugh) and my ebooks. I have been concentrating more on the physical books in the last few months though because it’s getting out of control! lol. 29/51 books so far this year are ebooks for me. The kobo is super handy when James is being clingy and wants to be carried all over the place, since I cannot be standing still!

    • You’re doing pretty good with balancing them! I tend to go on ebook and physical book binges … I just can’t alternate between the two right now! LO isn’t super clingy, but I never know when is “appropriate” to read around him … I do read during naps and sometimes if he’s having a lot of fun playing by himself, but that’s not too often. I’m usually his favourite toy … ha ha.

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