{Book Review} Of moors and horses and English Lords …

how to lose a lordIt seems that whenever I start a review of a historical romance these days, all I want to say is how lovely the story was. Because they all seem to be. Full of romance and proper gentlemen and beautiful scenery and gorgeous dresses …

So, first things first:

How To Lose a Lord in 10 Days or Less by Elizabeth Michels was lovely.

But if I had to pick some of my favourite things about the story they would be:

  1. Shadow’s Light, Lord Ambertall’s horse. Seriously, I loved this horse. Maybe it was because I saw some horses just the other day, but I was over the moon that the story featured horses. I could picture him in my head as one of the beauties I had met!
  2. Katie. LOVED Katie. I loved that she lived on her own in a little cottage on her estate, how strong she was, and how her world seemed to revolve around all of these little useless hobbies that she would take up and abandon. I’m totally Katie. I mean, I once bought a $500 zither because I was convinced I could play it. Unfortunately, it went by way of Katie’s bagpipes — not so well.
  3. Lord Ambertall. He was kind of an ass in the beginning, but I loved seeing him pitch in around Katie’s home since he was “stranded” there. I use quotations because we all know that he very well could have found a way to get back to his own estate, but I love how he decided to stay and humour Katie by staying. I also love how he was convinced he could help Katie overcome her fear of horses. Seriously, total gentleman.

Like any good historical romance, there was the villain and his henchmen. His henchmen were kind of hilarious in that they were terrible henchmen — not the brightest bulbs in the socket — and there was a bit of mystery surrounding the villain. I hadn’t seen that one coming! There was also a bit of curiousity around Katie and her lifestyle. I like how we didn’t get all the information at once about why she lived like she did and why she chose to cover it up. There was also the questions surrounding her family — where were they? Why did they approve of Katie’s lifestyle?

It was also fun to see a redhead — if you want a fiery character, it was the perfect haircolour to chose! Though I’m a little sad that we really didn’t see that in the cover. Not to mention the fact that Ambertall has blonde hair and is shown as a brunette in the cover. Thankfully, I read the book without seeing the cover and am just seeing it now as I write the review. Maybe it’ll change for future editions?

This was a super fun read, like most historical romances. There was romance, laughter, perfect characters, and everything in between. It was also a quick read that only took me a little over a day to read (since I do have other things to do besides reading. Bummer, I know.). I didn’t realize until partway through that it was part of a series, the third book in the Tricks of the Ton series. We do get to know who some of the other characters ended up with, but I think it would be fun to visit the first two stories as well.

Loved this one. Perfect amount of drama, lots of romance, and a wonderful mix of characters.

Thank you to Sourcebooks Casablanca and NetGalley for providing me a review copy of this book!


Are you a fan of horses? Have you ever faked an injury so you wouldn’t have to do something again?



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