{A Little Tea Love} The Business of Tea

It’s been a little quiet here since last week’s Outlander Week (I’m STILL crazy hooked on that show … are you?) and that’s mainly because I’ve taken up a new venture, which means lots of reading and studying on my part! And quite a bit of tea drinking.

What’s the new venture, you ask?

love tea

I’m excited to share that I’ve signed on to be a Steeped Tea Consultant!

Have you heard of Steeped Tea? Here’s my brief rundown of the company:

They’re a Canadian company that was formed in 2006 after founders Tonia and Hatem Jahshan went on a weekend vacation to Nova Scotia. Tea had always been Tonia’s go-to beverage, but it wasn’t until this trip that she really realized what tea could be, after they tried some premium loose leaf Cream of Earl Grey tea.ย 

Tonia loved the quality of the tea so much that her and Hatem drove to the tea shop where the tea was from and bought several bags of it to bring home. And once home, all Tonia wanted to do was share it with friends and family. Thus, the tea party was born!ย 

Soon, Tonia was throwing 15 parTEAs a month! She decided to quit her job and start pursuing Steeped Tea full-time, enrolling friends as consultants to help her out with shows. Steeped Tea grew from a basement operation to a small warehouse and eventually they even outgrew THAT warehouse! Tonia and Hatem appeared on the Canadian business show, Dragon’s Den, asking for money so they could expand their business and got every penny they asked for, with business professionals David Chilton (of The Wealthy Barber) and Jim Treliving (of Boston Pizza) partnering with them. They have consultants across North America now and just keep on growing!ย 

It was a little over a month ago that I had my own Steeped Tea party at my house. I had met my consultant, now my Steeped Tea leader, at a trade show months before that and thought it’d be a great way to try some new teas. I had tried it ALL, from the bags of tea, to various loose leaf tea from other stores, but it wasn’t until I tried Steeped Tea that I really fell in love.

In fact, what started to make me open my eyes was the science behind making the perfect cup of tea. I didn’t realize that the water had to be a certain kind or temperature, that soft and hard water really made a difference, that there was a huge difference between the different varieties of tea, that you could mix teas together, and that each kind of tea had to be steeped for a certain amount of time — not too littleย and not too much.

When my leader was throwing my show, I was completely blown away by how little I knew of this drink that I supposedly loved so much. We tried four different teas — two hot and two iced — and each one was absolutely delicious, and completely unique from one another. I knew then and there that I wanted to sign up and share my newfound love of the Steeped Tea brand because I really believe that they are selling a quality product.

So, last Friday I signed up! Bright and early I ordered my consulting starter kit, amazed at the deal I was getting, since it’s a TON of amazing product and hardware. I’ve been working on my business Facebook page, reading up on the training manual, reading up on http://www.teaclass.com on everything tea, and loving every single second of it!

Originally, I thought I’d sign up and just buy some tea for myself and reach my 6-month goal that way, just reaching the minimum, but my leader is crazy encouraging and I found myself asking and asking, trying to get shows booked and finding myself excited to really get out there and spread the word about this amazing company. Thus this post!

I’m so excited to be doing this and I hope I can keep spreading my tea love and enjoy this journey! Hopefully I’llย have even more tea posts on the blog in the future, too!

Have you tried Steeped Tea?ย 



13 thoughts on “{A Little Tea Love} The Business of Tea

  1. I love how you just threw yourself all into this! You are such a go-getter, I wish I was half as motivated as you are to do things like this, lol. I remember learning that green tea had to boiled to a certain temperature and was very intrigued by that fact, (but I know nothing about other teas). Ever since learning that, I’ve always wanted this kettle I saw at Home Outfitters that has different settings on it for different types of drinks (green tea and black tea being one of them) – how smart!, I thought. But it comes with a hefty price tag and Jim could not be convinced we needed such a machine lol!

    • Yes! There are SO many things to learn with tea! I think my favourite bit of knowledge I’ve learned so far is about oolong tea, which is funny because that’s the tea Claire was drinking in the first episode of Outlander. I didn’t realize that it was such a huge process to make that tea! It’s oxidized over and over again to make a complex flavour — and you can tell because it tastes delicious!

      That’s so funny that you bring up that kettle! My leader JUST got one of those today! It has different temperatures on it, which is so great, since teas like green and white teas can’t just have boiling water thrown onto them. White tea, especially, since the leaves are so delicate!

      Honestly, if you love tea, you’d love this company. The starter kit alone is full of so much amazing product that I couldn’t NOT jump on this chance, and my leader is so motivating that I get up early every morning to do tea business stuff before the boy wakes up — and I love every minute of it! It’s really fun to work when it’s something you’re so passionate about.

  2. So I missed this post but I found it now! I’m really excited for all of my teas to arrive so I can try them ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for hosting a wonderful party for me!

    I’ve still only watched the first episode of Outlander, but have the others ready to watch.:)

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