{Book Review} And finally, my review of the book that took me an entire month to read!

Drums of AutumnDiana Gabaldon, I love you. So much that the month of August seemed entirely devoted to you, your characters, your new TV show … Jamie. Claire. I just can’t get enough!

When I realized that Outlander would be coming to TV in August, I kind of wanted to reread the book. Again. For, like, the 5th time. BUT I still hadn’t read the rest of the books in the series, past the first three books. I had started reading Drums of Autumn last year and made it about 3/4 of the way through before I put it down to take a break (really, it was me, not you) and then I never, ever picked it back up again.

Rather than diving back into the first book, I told myself I need to continue the series! But I couldn’t just pick up at that spot where my bookmark was. Nope, I had to start at the beginning.

When you’re already 3/4 of the way through a book that’s over 1,000 pages long, starting at the beginning again just seems so daunting. Especially when everything would seem so familiar as I was reading. Once I FINALLY hit that 3/4 mark about 8 days in (with LOTS of reading each day) I finally felt success — and part of me wondered if I could use those 600+ pages I had already read as my reread square for Book Bingo. No? Darn.

Anyway, this book was a lot of fun for me. The thing that I loved most — obviously — in Outlander was the time travel bit, so knowing that something had to happen with Brianna and the past had me absolutely hooked! So much so that I wondered how I managed to put the book down in the first place!

Now, I’m not a HUGE Brianna fan. My heart still totally lies with Jamie and Claire and their relationship. I felt like Brianna was kind of a stubborn brat a lot of the time. But still. It was kind of nice to see her researching the past about her parents and wanting to just be a little bit closer.

What kind of ticked me off about the story, though, was how it was too abrupt when Brianna travels to the past. I mean, when Claire goes back, we see the obvious difference between the 1940s and two hundred years previous. When Brianna travels back, it’s like she’s been there before, has absolutely no problems with anything, and manages to be on her merry way with no problems whatsoever.

That was kind of a problem for me. I figured that in over 1,000 pages, we’d get some kind of cultural shock out of Brianna when she first touches down in the eighteenth century, but it was all just too … easy.

I did find it quite funny how the Scots way of doing things in the past seemed to be to shoot now and ask questions later. What is with the aversion to talking? Everyone in this book seemed to be keeping secrets and all I wanted to do was yell at them all to just sit down and have an adult conversation! All will be cured!

I mean, really! Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ!

Even though I didn’t like everything about the book, it still had me falling back in love with all of Gabaldon’s characters and, of course, the scenery! Sure, we’re in America for the majority of the story, but it’s still that beautiful, untouched country that just sounds so beautiful on the page. And it was also great to read the story with new visuals in my head after we’ve met some of the characters in the TV show!

I might not immediately dive into the next book, The Fiery Cross, but I will try and peck away at it soon. In my fan-ridden stage last month, I managed to complete my collection of the Outlander series, including all of the Lord John Grey books, so I see a LOT of reading in my future!


Have you read this book? What are your thoughts on characters that just seem too spoiled and bratty? 



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