One of those beautiful mornings.

Have you ever had one of those mornings where you wake up early, are rushing around, are super tired, but have to get in the car because you have appointments or have to get to work or the like?

That was my morning this morning.

I had a dentist appointment, so got up early to get some things done before I had to get the boy to a friend who was babysitting. He got up late, so we were rushing, rushing, got out of the house late and were stuck behind a slow moving vehicle down the highway.

Feeling frustrated, I let my music play and continued on the drive, yawning, dreading the dentist. We turn west onto the road to my friend’s as Sufjan Steven’s song Seven Swans plays in the car. Right at the climax of the song, the height of the song, the sun breaks over the horizon — that amazing dark orangey-red glow of the morning sun — and I start to cry because it’s just so beautiful. For the last portion of the song, it was like time slowed and I saw the beautiful colours of the season, the gorgeous leaves on the trees changing colour, and I heard my boy singing along in the backseat and was just so thankful for this life and this beautiful place I call home.

Best morning ever.



My home is where my books are. - Ellen Thompson

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