{Book Review} Oh, the evils of a very predictable book you can’t put down …

the almost truthNext to my bed I have a pile of books … okay, I have a small bookcase full of books … that are my “you should read these soon” books. These are books that I’ve bought recently, or that I’ve bought in the past that stare me down whenever I walk by them on my regular bookcases. When I finished my reread, I knew I should dive into something new, but something short, and The Almost Truth by Eileen Cook fit the bill.

This is one of those books that had been on my radar for some time, so when I saw it on sale, I knew I had to get it. When I dove into it, I didn’t read the back, I just started reading. I was amazed at how compelling the story actually was. I loved the idea — as morbid as it seemed — of a little girl going missing and this other girl who’s just trying to go away to university realizing the similarities between herself and this girl.

While I was totally sucked it, I realized that the book was crazy predictable. Like, right off the bat I knew what the ending was — and I was a little disappointed to realize that yup. No twists and turns that weren’t predictable. I called it the whole way through.

But strangely enough, I was still totally into the story. I did kind of like the main character, Sadie. I didn’t really like anyone she hung out with, or her parents (seriously, her dad is a complete tool), but I felt like she kind of turned around by the end of the story. I liked how she was willing to change and did change, but the rest of it was just kind of okay to me. I think the reason lies in the fact that the book is so short. It’s under 250 pages, so not a lot out of the ordinary really happens. Really, it could’ve been longer — I wanted it to be longer. I felt like there was more story to be told.

I think I would still try another title by the author, but probably not anytime soon. I just hope the rest of her stories aren’t as predictable as this one.

(PS – While this was totally predictable, there was still an element of mystery to it — actually, the whole story seemed to be a mystery — so I’m definitely using it for Book Bingo!)



7 thoughts on “{Book Review} Oh, the evils of a very predictable book you can’t put down …

  1. Like what Amanda said, predictable books can be wonderful. However, I need another element of the story to be amped up if the plot is predictable. For example, I recently read The Hook Up by Kristen Callihan. Super predictable, but the chemistry and the build up to the first kiss was so freaking good! Loved it!

  2. I too find that Eileen Wood is quite predictable, but she also seems to get the psychology of her characters quite well. None of her books have changed my life, but I’ve enjoyed them. My faves of hers include Getting Revenge on Lauren Wood and What Would Emma Do? – Tania

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