{My Latest Addiction} Being Erica

What is with Canadian TV? Specifically, all these TV shows that I always glossed over when flipping through the channels, only to recently become addicted to them?

Being Erica is my latest addiction … another CBC show. It’s a comedy drama series that sucked me in from the first episode! It’s a show about Erica Strange, a 30-something year old woman who’s life isn’t going the way she thought it would. She finds a therapist who makes her compile a list of regrets. She does this and then soon she’s being transported through time to the time of each regret so that she can change the way she acted, making it regretful no more.

As I kept watching the show, I fell more and more in love. It kind of reminds me of one of my favourite shows, Dead Like Me. Erica has the job to go back and change certain things, but other things (like the death of her brother) she can’t change. Erica reminds me of an older Georgia from Dead Like Me, and it’s so wonderful! Doctor Tom is this crazy Rube-like character who is just as quirky and funny, but still as serious, as the Dead Like Me character.

Unfortunately, the show ended after 49 episodes, which makes me sad, but reading some of the show reviews, I see that it ran a natural course and has an ending. I’m eager to get to the end, but sad that it has to end, since it’s just so good. I also like that it’s not just about Erica, but about her family members and friends. They’re all part of the story and it’s fun to see how things change along the way.

This show is smart, funny, and completely worthy of an addiction!

Have you watched Being Erica? What is your favourite TV show? 



3 thoughts on “{My Latest Addiction} Being Erica

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