{Discussion} How to Move Forwards And Backwards at the Same Time?


This past July, I decided to go back to basics with the blog.

Waaaaay back to basics.

Like, 3 posts a week, if that. You know, if I feel like it. No biggie. No pressure.

While my brain can wrap itself around this most of the time — no thinking about what to write, no pressure to read ALL THE BOOKS, no worrying about stats and followers, etc. —Β there’s a small part of the time where I still feel like things aren’t complete.

I should write something! What should I write?Β 

I want to read ALL THE BOOK! How do I find the time to read all the books?!?

Should I be promoting the blog more? Stats are way down? Does it matter?Β 

I know I write a post like this once every 10.2 seconds — AND it’s only been 3.5 months — but is there anyone else out there who cut way back in blogging and still found it satisfying? To me, I’d say it’s still satisfying in a sense, but I feel like something is missing.

MAYBE it’s a new parent thing, but seriously, how do people find time to read and comment on blogs when they can’t be on a computer all the time? I really don’t want to open up my Bloglovin’ blog roll, because I’m sure it’s a scary, scary thing. AND I don’t want to be on the computer all the time around the little one. BUT I don’t want to feel so far out of the blogging community like I already am.

It’s definitely been nice to go back a step and not be as picky as I was with books. I’m buying what looks good, reading what looks good … maybe not reading as much as I want to right now, but I’m reading, which is what matters.

MAYBE it’s a balance thing? How do I balance child, husband, house, work, reading, blogging, and everything else in between? How do I get that passion back about blogging? I feel like it’s there, but it’s hidden somewhere in the back of my brain. Is the problem time? Lack of passion? WHAT IS IT?

Am I just stubborn and not wanting to realize that this is just what happens when you become a parent? Because I SO don’t want that to be the case. I’m sure I have the time (how many TV shows have I watched recently again??), I just have a hard time working this into my time. I’m one of those DO ALL THE THINGS! kind of people, so I start blogging, I must do ONLY blogging. I start working on tea stuff, I must ONLY work on tea stuff. Housework? You got it … ONLY housework.

It’s exhausting.

If anyone has any suggestions as to how I can get back my passion for blogging and maybe get back into what’s going on in the community, I will gladly listen! Maybe it’s all part of this evolution thing the blog has been going through, but I need some reassurance.



10 thoughts on “{Discussion} How to Move Forwards And Backwards at the Same Time?

  1. Big hugs Kristilyn. I think I could have written this post–or maybe I did write this post. I can’t remember now. πŸ˜‰ I think some of it is being a parent. Time will never be your own again–although it does get better (until you decide to add another). I have to sneak in minutes here and there and recognize that some weeks it won’t get done. The area that suffers for me is commenting and I feel selfish ALL THE TIME for writing up posts (which I draft ahead of time or they don’t get written) and then not comment on those who visit me. I HATE that…but there’s only so much time. And I also want time to actual read, quilt, cook–oh ya, and that mothering and wife thing, too.

    Nevermind the state of my kitchen floors. They’re bad.

    Maybe schedule in some time during the day (like before the little mister wakes up)? Otherwise I don’t have any answers. The time will partly come back, though.


    • I definitely, definitely agree with the part about feeling selfish … whenever I pick up my book I feel like I should be doing something else and that I shouldn’t take ‘me’ time. And yeah, my kitchen floors suck. I just tell myself I’m building up the boy’s immunity! Ha ha ..

      I definitely think I need to schedule time AND stop being a grandma and stay up later …

  2. I can imagine that, as a mother, you are CRAZY FREAKING BUSY! I work full-time and it’s a struggle to find time to read, blog, go through my blogs and comment. I don’t always get all of those accomplished and I am okay with it because blogging is a hobby.

    I am not at my computer all day long. I can’t check my RSS feed while at work, I can’t comment, and I can’t post on social media. At first, I was worried because how is anyone going to see what I write, all my heart? But then I thought, those who care will find a way to make it to my blog. Those who want to know what I have to say will check on my blog. At that point, I just stopped caring about my stats, how many “likes” I have, etc. Blogging is supposed to be fun. I blog because it’s an outlet for me, not for self-promotion, not solely to promote authors. I do it for me.

    What I try to do is set aside time either during the weekend or the evenings to set up the posts for the next week. Maybe not all of them but just some. So maybe you could get one or two posts done on the weekend, if you can spare a few minutes once your little one goes to bed.

    As far as reading, I’m also just trying to read what I want. Sure, I review books I get for review, but even with those I’m picking up the ones I am in the mood to read. When I pick up a book I’m not in the mood for, bad things happen. lol.

    At the end of the day, you have to do what makes you happy. If not blogging is what makes you happy that day, that week, that month, then don’t blog. Do what you want, Kristilyn. πŸ™‚

    • Exactly, those who care will find a way! And they really do. My readership has gone waaaaaay down and I always have to remind myself that that’s okay since the ones who do read are the ones who are awesome.

      I was trying to NOT schedule posts, but I do sneak them in sometimes … it’s the reviews that I suck at now, but they’ll come.

      And yeah, blogging definitely makes me happy. I’m happy to write and share my thoughts! I just have to remember that it’s okay if I don’t do it ALL the time.

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  4. Ha, I was another one who was going to ‘cut back’ on posting πŸ˜› Yeah, that didn’t exactly happen, lol. But for me, I did find that balance and I’m able to fit in posting 4 times a week right now, along with being able to keep up with the blogs I follow, respond to comments, with reading etc. BUT, I don’t watch tv. I don’t spend time on FB anymore (pared my friends list to around 50 people and they’re mostly relatives), and I don’t have a Twitter account. I’ve closed my Goodreads account and removed myself from the groups I was a part of there. I also no longer am a part of a forum that I was very involved in.

    I clean my house once a week, and then I spruce the rest of the week (which is like ten minutes a time). I run a load of laundry every morning. But then I fold it in increments throughout the day. I bake for several relatives (paid gig), but I slip in one recipe a day, while I’m also getting supper ready.

    One of my daughter’s is doing school at home this year, and I put together posts while she’s doing her independent work. I wake up an hour early (5:30ish), so I have time to respond to comments/visit other blogs. And then I bring a book EVERYWHERE with me! My daughter’s take piano lessons on Monday nights-I sit in my car and read. My kids play hockey and soccer-I read instead of paying attention to their games πŸ˜€ I fit in a few minutes here and there every day and it really adds up!

    So for me, I’ve really re-prioritized where I was spending my time and I’ve cut out/modified things so I can still fit in my blog/reading on a regular basis πŸ™‚

    • I’m a “sprucer” too … I’ll do a lot of cleaning and laundry on the weekend when the husband is home and tidy during the week, which means I’m free to do whatever I want during naptime, whether it’s tea business stuff, reading, or just resting with a favourite show. Yeah, I’m a total TV junkie … hard when I love books, too!

      I always, always debate quitting Goodreads, but I love it for documenting what I read. Though, I could do the same thing here, too, I guess.

      My little guy is only 10 months, so that makes it hard to read when he does stuff since I’m usually doing it with him! Ha ha … though I do sneak in some reading if he’s playing in his playroom and not playing with me. I’ll sit on the floor and sneak in a few pages and when he comes up to me, I’ll put the book down and we’ll play. I feel like it’s important for him to see that I read books, so that he’ll want to read books, too.

      I definitely have to work on scheduling and prioritizing. I’m sure it’ll come easier when the boy gets a little older, but then if we had another little one, it’ll get hard again. Ah well … life, right?

  5. One thing I did recently, and I would highly recommend, is go into your blog feed and unfollow any blog that you aren’t totally excited to see a new post from. I was following about 300 blogs and cut down to less than 100 and it’s great! There’s the fear of missing out, but I figure, if one of the other bloggers posts something totally awesome, it’ll get shared on Twitter and I’ll see it that way.

    • I’ve done that SO MANY times. I think I’m at that point where I only follow the blogs I really want to and I think it’s well under 50! I could probably add a few, but I find so many blogs are the same lately that nothing really stands out.

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