{Weekend Reading} ALL the Graphic Novels! Pow! Anyone interested in a Graphic Novel Week?

Since it’s November 1st and Halloween is officially over, I decided to get ALL the graphic novels out from the library to clean my brain of all the horror reading this past week. I also had some fun over at PicMonkey making a graphic for this post, so bear with me … (bare with me? Whatever.)

Weekend Reading

OK, so they’re not ALL non-Halloween-ish, but still.

These are all from the library and I’m sure I looked slightly ridiculous with the Binky the Space Cat books, but they do look great! I know there are some people (my husband included) who think that reading graphic novels is for kids, but it so isn’t! There are some AMAZING graphic novels out there, as well as manga and comics … I feel like I’ve barely touched the surface of everything that’s out there!

My library has an AWESOME selection of graphic novels, plus access to tons from other libraries. I’m excited to explore them more!

SO …

Graphic Novel Week

Who’s interested in participating in a Graphic Novel Week? Since October is over and December is usually devoted to all things Christmas-themed, I’ve decided to have the last week of November as a Graphic Novels week with ALL things Graphic Novels! Reviews, recommendations, and anything else I can come up with! Who’s with me? If you are, link up your posts in the comments and get ready to share some of your graphic novel fun!

Big thanks to PicMonkey for having amazing themes to create the graphics on this post! So much fun!

Are you a graphic novels fan? 



25 thoughts on “{Weekend Reading} ALL the Graphic Novels! Pow! Anyone interested in a Graphic Novel Week?

  1. I have This One Summer on hold at the library but I’m like 20th in line. I just read their first book, Skim, and it was great. I also think I’d like Ghost World. I should for some in among the novellas. ..

  2. I love graphic novels, though its been a while since I last read one. Ghostopolis looks quite interesting. I love it when my two favorite things get mixed in together, writing and drawing.

  3. This sounds fun! I have recently become a huge fan of graphic novels! I have acquired a small stack this year and love all of them! I need more recs! Looking forward to seeing all of yours this month 🙂

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