5-Year Blogiversary!

5 Year Blogiversary

5 years!?!

I had actually been searching through my archives for some Halloween-type posts to post last week when it dawned on me that my 5 year blogiversary would be today. Time has FLOWN by and I can’t believe that I’ve been blogging for so long — and I can’t believe how much the blog has changed over time!

I remember starting to blog because I had a super bad memory and couldn’t remember anything I read, so I thought I would write reviews and hopefully that would help me remember. Well, my reviews were more like recaps (spoilers!), so it’s great to see how that’s changed throughout the years. They’ve gone from recaps to too formal to more like a friend talking to you about a book. There have been weeks where I’ve posted TONS of reviews, to months where I’ve posted few. There have been discussions, songs, guest posts, giveaways, lists, and so much more in between. I’ve been lucky to meet so many awesome bloggers and authors. Some, again, may have come and gone, but the experience means the world.

Lately, the blog has changed a bit and I can already see how it’s evolving with me. I’m no longer the person I was 5 years ago and that’s okay. I know by the time my 6 year anniversary comes I won’t be the same person then, either, and that’s okay, too.

All I can say is that I’m so happy and thankful for my readers! There have been some that have come and gone, and others who have stuck with me over the course of the last 3 years at least, and I appreciate ALL of you. It’s been an amazing blogging journey and I hope that I can do this for more years to come!

Happy reading!



23 thoughts on “5-Year Blogiversary!

  1. Congrats on your five years! I just passed my sixth year in April, but that first year was very strange, as I tried to find my wings.

    Then I went crazy and added a bunch of blogs the next year. I still have a lot of blogs (11), but four of them are the primary ones.

    It is fun to see how we change over the years by reading our earlier posts. Thanks for sharing your evolution…and I’m glad you are still enjoying the journey.

    • 11 blogs! That’s so many! How do you keep up with all of them? I’ve had a few other blogs along the way, but I’ve always come back to this one. It’s my other baby. šŸ™‚

    • Thank you! And it’s passed so quickly! Though, when I started I was at a different job and since then I didn’t work for a while, then worked at the library, had a BABY! … so maybe time did go slowly? Ha ha …

  2. Congrats on 5 years of blogging! I haven’t stopped by for a while, but I like the new header šŸ™‚ I still remember that I found you through Author Appreciation August. You posted the song about Anna/Stephanie Perkins books and it was one of the best things my ears had ever heard. I still can’t believe I didn’t download it when I had the chance… Here’s to many more wonderful years to come!

  3. Wow, congratulations on 5 years of blogging, Kristilyn! (Also, the new theme looks GORGEOUS! It’s about time I come read a post on your actual site instead of through Feedly!) I think it’s only natural for it to evolve with you, and I love that it has. Your blog was the very first one I ever started following regularly, and you’ve been such an inspiration to me ever since. So thank you for being here all these years! ā¤

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