How Canadian Are You? – The 2015 Ultimate Canadian Reading Challenge

When I started thinking about what kind of book reading challenge I wanted to do in 2015, Book Bingo was at the top of my list. BUT while I’ve loved doing Book Bingo for the past two years, I knew that something different was on the horizon. This year I’ve been growing more and more fond of books created in my own country, so this book reading challenge was pretty inevitable …

Yes! A Canadian reading challenge!

canadian reading challenge

I’m doing this more for myself than anything else, but if you are Canadian (though that’s not a prerequisite) and you want to join in, then feel free!! Why is it the ULTIMATE challenge? Well, because there are going to be a few different challenges that will make up being the ULTIMATE Canadian reader. I like to keep things fun. 🙂

mercy among the children stolen ten tiny breaths the second life of samuel tyne wondrous strange
The Traveling Canadian Challenge

Read a book by an author from each province and the territories. For an added bonus, read a book by both a male and a female author from each province and territory. (13-26 Books)

Print any known blood frog music haunting violet love in english
The Local Lover Canadian Challenge

Read at least twenty books by local authors. This could be local as in your city, or as in your province. Books can be previously published, or new releases in 2015. (20 Books)

fall on your knees in the land of birdfishes the unfinished child Girl and way where i belong
The Award-Loving Canadian Challenge

Read at least twenty books from either the long- or short-list of various Canadian book awards. This could include the Scotiabank Giller Awards, the Booker Prize, the Governer General’s Award, Stephen Leacock Award, TD Canadian Children’s Literature Award, etc. Find a full list with links HERE. (20 Books)

all my puny sorrows late nights on air river thieves roost us conductors
The Genre-Loving Canadian Challenge

Pick a genre, any genre! Actually, pick four of them. Then read five books from each genre you picked! That can be contemporary, mystery, classics, etc. You could even do YA or Graphic novels, if you like. (20 Books)

Want to be the ULTIMATE Canadian reader? Then complete ALL the challenges! (86 books)

Throughout the year I’ve been adding new books to my Canadian reading list (which you can view HERE), though I’ve been focusing more on authors and provinces, instead of awards or genres. Obviously I’m going to go for the Ultimate Canadian reader BUT the main goal for me this upcoming year is to just read more Canada! And I want YOU to read more Canada, too!

This will be a super informal challenge, I’ll write check in posts here and there, so keep track of your Canadian reads so you can share your progress! The challenge will run from January 1st to December 31st.

Will you be participating in the 2015 Ultimate Canadian Reading Challenge? What are the top books on your Canadian reading list? 



29 thoughts on “How Canadian Are You? – The 2015 Ultimate Canadian Reading Challenge

  1. Love this idea! Especially the Traveling Canadian and the Local Lover. I was thinking about doing the provinces and territories once I was finished with my A-Z Challenge. I will be following along to see how you do, and keeping my eye on your Canadian reading list as it grows!

  2. This looks like a lot of fun. I’ll have to wait to see how my reading goes over the next little bit as I haven’t been blogging as often as I used to, but this just might be the perfect challenge to get my to read tons of Canadian books I’ve been wanting to get to. 🙂

  3. Oh wow that looks like a good challenge but probably tough too! I don’t know if I’m going to participate but I will try and read more Canadian authors in 2015 🙂

  4. I’m going to do the Local Lover’s challenge – I just went through my shelves and discovered I already own 20 titles by Alberta authors. This sounds like a great way to make sure I read them in 2015! Thanks for the idea.

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    • I find it interesting how many authors don’t put where they’re from in their book bios … I’ll see someone mention that an author is Canadian and I’ll have had no idea!

      I’m glad you’re signing up! Even if the different challenges aren’t totally completed, I at least want people … and myself … to read more Canadian.

  7. I was looking for something different this year and this is it! Wonderful to be able to highlight the fabulous authors in Canada! I’m in. Will you be having a link for those joining??

    • You can share your link in the comments! I’m glad you’re joining! I’ll have to tally up how many Canadian authors I read in 2014 and try to beat that in 2015 … and it would be great to get some more Canadian authors interviewed on the blog!

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  9. I’m in! As much as I want to do the Ultimate Canadian part of the challenge and do multiple levels in this challenge, I will take it easy and just try Local Lover. I

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  11. First of all, I can’t believe I’m not following your blog. Secondly, count me in! This challenge is perfect for motivating me to keep my goal of reading more Canadian books this year. I’m taking on the genre challenge so I can read all of the YA and mystery books I’ve had my eye on.

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