{Book Review} The Game Changer by Marie Landry

the game changerOh Canada, thank you for producing so many awesome authors! Seriously, Marie Landry, where have you been all my life? Actually, you’ve been on my Twitter feed!

It’s so funny … and kind of terrible … how I always feel like I won’t like the books written by the people I know. Like for some reason, they’re just going to be awful. BUT that’s so not the case! I mean, Stephen King has friends, doesn’t he? Danielle Steel? I’m sure even Margaret Atwood has at least a couple!

All authors started at one point and it’s crazy to think that just because you know someone that they’re not amazing at something.


I LOVED THIS BOOK! I knew right from the get-go that I was going to love it. I actually didn’t read anything about it before opening it up on my ereader … I wanted to be totally surprised … and I’m pretty sure I was smiling right off the bat. The whole story opens up with a break up, so it’s funny to think that I was smiling about it, but I kind of loved Melody. And hated Rick.

Rick the dick. Ha ha.

Melody had such a great head on her shoulders and was one of those characters who I knew I could be good friends with, who I wanted to be good friends with. And Olivia? Yup. Sign me up. I would totally be the third wheel in that relationship. They just had one of those friendships that makes you want to phone your best friend to make sure that she’s reading the same book as you because you know she’ll love it too and then you can both talk about it over win afterwards.

And Julian! Really, these are the kinds of male leads who I love in my books! Not the crazy bad boy, but the guy who seems totally down to earth, but needs that one girl, that game changer, to really make him into one amazing guy. I loved his relationship with Melody right from the start. Yeah, he was a total player at times, but I loved how he treated her, how he was always there for her … and, of course, that he was such a nerdy guy. A hottie who is also a nerd. Right? Yes!

The only reason I would have to not gush about this book would be the ex’s crazy girlfriend. She was a bit much and added a lot of drama at one point in the story, I’m not totally sure it was necessary. It did work out, but I think that there were so many amazing storylines happening that this one little one didn’t really need to happen.

Anyway, I have completely fallen in love with Marie’s writing and will be reading more of her in the near distant future! This is classic romance at its finest AND it’s Canadian. Could you ask for anything more?



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