{Graphic Novel Week} My Reading List!

Graphic Novel Week

This past week, I’ve been reading all the non-graphic novels in preparation to read ALL the graphic novels this upcoming week … of course, sometimes I’ll read about 4 graphic novels in a row and just grave something without pictures, so I have an audiobook and a paperbook on hand for that, but I thought I’d share all the graphic novels I have ready to read this week … are you ready? It’s a LOT!


Awesome, right?

The standout ones I’m looking forward to:

  1. Castle Waiting – I seriously have NO idea what this is about but I read the introduction to it in the car the other day and thought that a lot of what it was saying rang true for graphic novels. I had kind of thought this book was super, duper old, but it’s not. It references how people there’s a fine line between the graphic novels like Castle Waiting and something like Neil Gaiman’s Sandman series, which there totally is. You either have crazy spectacular illustrations with full-blown colour and dark stories, or you have some that are more traditional in their illustrations with stories all over the map. Like I said, this one looks super old, but it’s not. I have no idea what it’s about, but it gets really good ratings, so we’ll see.
  2. Sisters – Who doesn’t like Raina Telgemeier’s books? They’re freaking awesome. I was worried that I might not like this one, or get it as much as her other ones, since I don’t have a sister, but I was reassured that I most definitely will love it. Why did I have any doubts about that?
  3. Hidden – I got a library notification that this one was in and I was like, What?!? I could NOT recall what it was supposed to be about, but that’s usually the case when I go on requesting sprees, so once I read the synopsis that it was a tale of the haulocast from the perspective of a little boy, I was intrigued all over again. I’ve only glanced at this book, but so far I love the illustrations for it.
  4. Maus – NO idea what this one is about, either, but it gets lots of really great reviews. I like that it’s only a 2-part series, so hopefully I get what’s going on. It seems like one of those books that dives deeply into history and I find that they can be hit or miss for me.
  5. Binky the Space Cat – The 5th installment in this series. I’ve loved every single book in this series so far, so I have no doubts that I’ll love this one, too. I mean, it’s Binky. Need I say more?!

There you have it, my pile of graphic novels for the week! Be prepared for TONS of reviews this week, too, since I’ve been reading a LOT of graphic novels this month. It’s been great diving back into the art form and I hope to incorporate more throughout the year, instead of having to dedicated a week/month to it.

What’s on your Graphic Novel Week reading list this week? Anything I should add to my wishlist?



5 thoughts on “{Graphic Novel Week} My Reading List!

  1. Some of my favorites here! Castle Waiting was a lot of fun. My only complaint is that the author had a falling out with the publishing company (or something) and hasn’t continued after V2 (which I haven’t read yet). Maus is AMAZING, if absolutely heartbreaking. LOVED Relish. And you have several that I need to put on my own list! I’ll be focusing on NF this week but a couple of blogging friends host a month long Comic/Graphic celebration in February.

    • Ooh … I might have to join that in February! It’s been a lot of fun reading graphic novels this month. 🙂 I’m sure I’ll have a TON more on my wishlist by then!

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