And then life happened …

So I had FULL intentions of blogging a lot this December. I had a whole pile of Christmas books I was going to read, giveaways I had planned, and all sorts of fun stuff, but then life sort of happened and now it’s the 17th and I’m WAY too busy to think about blogging.


This month started off okay with another vampire book (vampires just scream Christmas, right?) and, like I said, the anticipation of reading all of my Christmas books, but then we had a death in the family which led to about 10 days of appointments, funerals, prayer services, and lots and lots of family. Aside from the circumstances, it was wonderful to see family I haven’t seen in so long and to see them play with the boy. We had a week and a half of crying and laughter, with a good dose of family bonding, and I think the family member we lost wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Once it was just the boy and me during the week, the last thing on my mind was reading or blogging. I’m slowly working my way through Stephanie Perkins’s book My True Love Gave To Me (some really cute stories, some just okay) and crocheting up a storm! For the longest time I had been meaning to pick up my crochet hooks and make something, but never did. My sister in law came over and was making a scarf and I got that bug again. Working on a LOT of Christmas gifts now and am woefully behind!

Thankfully, Christmas has been on the TV in full swing, plus lots of my favourite movies and shows, so it’s not hard to get up early and stay up late to get things done. Not only that, but I’ve been spending lots of time playing with my little guy (who, at this stage in life, is finding EVERYTHING hilarious) and relaxing with the husband. AND I’ve gone to two Christmas parties that were full of friends, laughter, and merriment.

We finally put up our Christmas tree about 10 days before Christmas and while I usually go all out with other decorations, it’s really only the tree, a display on the piano, and just a couple other knickknacks that were put out. Simple won this year. And it’s kind of a good thing. Instead of focusing on decking out the house, we’ve been focused on family. And that’s okay.

So, this is me saying Merry Christmas from Reading In Winter! I hope to be back in some way in the New Year. Here’s wishing you all a merry and festive holiday season and all the best in the New Year. May your New Year be full of amazing books, delicious tea, and whatever suits your fancy.

And remember, while it’s always nice to give to family and friends this year, think about other people, too. Maybe donate items to the homeless, or buy the coffee for the guy behind you in the Starbucks lineup, or shovel someone’s driveway. A good deed can go a long way!

Until 2015 …



18 thoughts on “And then life happened …

  1. So much to say…
    My condolences and prayers go out to your husband’s family
    I can’t believe how creative you are…. Crochet?! wow!
    Your tree looks nice! Wish I could decorate the bottom half of mine lol
    Thanks for the Christmas card…. TOTALLY suits me and I laughed pretty hard.
    So happy to have met you!
    That’s it for now…
    Oh yeah, and Merry Christmas! lol

  2. Hope you have a wonderful wonderful Christmas and new year Kristilyn! The holidays really snuck up on me this year as well. And simple generally wins with kids but isn’t it a fun age? It only gets more and more fun. Merry Christmas!

    • It was definitely fun! He wasn’t particularly impressed by much, except maybe putting all of his new little cars back in the box. Lol … I think I need to wrap more things with tissue paper because when he pulled out THAT gift he went to town pulling the paper out!

  3. First, I LOVE YOUR MUG. Did you get them at Indigo? Because I was there a few days ago and remember seeing them and making a mental note to go back and get one because they were SO CUTE and PUNNy — clearly everything you could ever want in a mug ever.

    But yeah, I always make plans to blog a lot during December because I figure I don’t have school so I must have tons of free time right? Wrong. Because it’s the holidays and things always come up. Sorry to hear about the unfortunate circumstances. I hope things are better for you and your family now.

    But nonetheless, happy holidays and merry early Christmas! One more week!!

    • Thank you! And yes! I love the Indigo mugs! I have a whole cupboard full!

      The holidays usually sneak up on me, too, though I find that I’m somewhat on the ball with getting things done …

  4. Ah, I hate when life gets in the way. But hey, it’s Christmas! Don’t worry about blogging. And I love your bit about remembering to do a good deed 🙂 My nephew brushed my car off for me the other night, it was the sweetest thing. And when I got to Starbucks this week I’ll definitely pay for the car behind me 🙂 I try to do random nice things all year, but I think this time of year it makes everyone take a breath and not be so hectic and stressed.

    • Exactly! That’s why we try and keep things super simple … we don’t go nuts with buying gifts and stressing ourselves out. To me, the holidays means family, so it’s just nice to spend time cuddling my boys and hanging out with family. And I hope that when I buy a coffee for someone else that that helps them to calm down and remember the spirit of the season.

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