Challenge Update: Anne & Kristilyn’s 2014 Book Bingo Reading Challenge (Update #4 – FINAL UPDATE)

2014 Bingo Challenge-01

This post is for the participants of the 2014 Book Bingo reading challenge! Thank you to all the participants — the challenge ends today! We hope you had fun!

For the full post on this challenge, visit the original post page.

This is the FOURTH & FINAL update for the challenge — how did everyone do with their Bingo scorecards? Any winners?

Add your update page to the Linky below — whether you’ve reached a line, a square, or if you’ve already blacked out the board, we want to see your progress! Be sure to share your final update on Twitter using the hashtag #2014BookBingo. If you don’t have a post about your update, that’s okay! Feel free to add your update in the comments below!

For example, you can see the progress I’ve made on my Book Bingo page.

We hope you had FUN with the challenge! Unfortunately, the challenge will NOT continue next year, but maybe it’ll pick up again in the future. In the meantime, I invite you to join me for The 2015 Ultimate Canadian Reading Challenge!

How did you do with the Book Bingo challenge? Did you become the super-reader?Β 



13 thoughts on “Challenge Update: Anne & Kristilyn’s 2014 Book Bingo Reading Challenge (Update #4 – FINAL UPDATE)

  1. You said in your post you won’t be continuing the Book Bingo Challenge, would it be ok if I were to create one of my own for 2015?

  2. I didn’t complete my goal of a coverall, but I did have two vertical lines filled and over half the board covered. I enjoyed the challenge and thanks to you all for hosting it both times! I would definitely be interested if you all decide to have one in the future.

  3. I said in a comment on an earlier page I found: I’m done the whole card! I just need to link everything up for you – tomorrow if that’s all right. I’m going out for new year’s eve! I’ll see if you need individual book reviews, or whether you’re content with my blog post page. I’ll give it now but please remember you won’t see the udpated version until tomorrow. If you’re relaxing next year, be sure to try my three reading themes! Carolyn.

      • I was unsure if there was a prize and didn’t want to miss out. If there isn’t, you getting to see my choices when you have time, will mean a lot. Thank you, Kristilyn! By tomorrow afternoon it will be exactly as I want it, so I will adore a comment from you there eventually.

        What I’ve done is instead of dumping the earliest qualifying titles, I took all year to fill those squares with the most special material of all. What you’ll see showcased are Canadian greats and my favourites overall.

  4. I got one line bingo!! I had some other squares too, I feel good about it. I think I’ll continue thru 2015 – I love putting the stars on finished squares! Maybe I can finish in time to start new in 2016. I live in the US, I’m participating in a 50 states challenge this year. I’m so so happy you’re doing the bingo again in 2016. Thank you!

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