{Crafting} Pre-Christmas Crochet Week Blitz

For the longest time last year, I had been meaning to pick up my crocheting again. I remember doing it when my guy was just little, but then the more mobile he became, the more precious my free time became, so I tended to dedicate it to reading … or just mindlessly watching TV.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I LOVE books and reading, but sometimes — especially around the holidays — you just want to relax with a movie or holiday TV show. Being the multitasker I am, my fingers eventually start to get twitchy, so I decided to pick up my crocheting again.


Of course, it was nice and leisurely at first, but then since the husband and I would be going to his family’s for Christmas, and since we had been slacking in the past few years with gifts (you know, fresh new baby and all last Christmas), I decided that it would be “so much fun” to crochet gifts for everyone. I mean, it wouldn’t be THAT time consuming, right?

OK, so I was extremely happy that he was eventually off work because oh my goodness, it can be quite time consuming to crochet 5 gifts in a week! It all started off great, but then I started to get overly ambitious with a scarf pattern and had to rip it out three times so I decided to just wing it.


I thought it would be fun to share all of the things I made in my pre-Christmas crochet week blitz. And, I also made something else, but decided to swap it out, so really, I made 6 gifts. And a gag gift. I mean, when you’re on a roll you’re on a roll (it’s even more funny saying that when you see what I made.).

So, here goes:

market tote crochet

First up, something simple, yet totally functional, a market bag. Now, I just saw the pattern and didn’t actually read the blog post behind it. It’s a market tote for a CHILD. Oops. I made this for my 40-year-old sister-in-law who is CLEARLY not a little girl. But I figure she could definitely use it in her travels!

I actually really love this bag and hope to make up a few more larger ones for myself in solid colours. I think they’d come in real handy!

Get the pattern HERE.

rugby scarf crochet

Next up, here is the scarf I made for my brother in law. The scarves I had made or had been given in the past had always been too short and small and since I love a big bulky scarf, I thought I’d go for it and make something huge.

And yet I wondered how I ran out of time.

I think this is what people would call a rugby scarf? Maybe? At any rate, it’s a dark blue and green combo, which I thought was a little more masculine, with simple squares and a nice dark blue fringe. Plus, it’s super comfy and can be wrapped around the neck twice. And SUPER warm. Love it.

No pattern for this one, just alternating double crochets and half crochets the whole way up.

crochet toque and poop

Next, I decided to make a hat for my other brother in law, something I thought would be very quick since it’s a hat. Let me just say, when you’re making a warm WINTER hat, you use a LOT of yarn, so it is definitely not quick. I should have realized that when the pattern called for two skeins of yarn. This hat is AMAZINGLY comfortable and warm, and aside from it taking a while to crochet the base, it’s really easy to put together. I realized that I do have to work on my finishing, since I never know where my stitches should go when single crocheting around the perimeter.

And what’s the OTHER thing pictured there, you ask? Well, my husband thought it would be funny to crochet his brother a pair of shorts as a gag gift, since a picture had been floating around the internet recently. When I was searching for a pattern, I came across a pattern for a banana hammock (think: really, really tiny male bathing suit) and just HAD to do it. Unfortunately the pattern wasn’t written well at all, so I abandoned it and made him a poop instead. I definitely put the “classy” in crocheting with this guy. And like I said, I was on a roll …. a toilet paper roll!

Get the pattern for the hat HERE. Get the pattern for the poop HERE.

striped scarf crochet

Next, I had to whip up something for my father in law. He’s a pretty subtle man when it comes to clothing, so I didn’t want anything flashy. And I figure a scarf is something that EVERYONE would wear, so that was the safest bet. I have to say, I’m kind of in love with this scarf. I didn’t buy anything special for it, but tried to use up some of the yarn I had in my bin, so I thought I’d play around with the width of the stripes.

No pattern for this one, just alternating between double crochets and half double crochets with a fringe at the end.

sassanach cowl crochet

And lastly, my piece de resistance, my Outlander-inspired cowl! I think I saw a pattern for this on Facebook somewhere and knew that I had to make one for myself sometime. I didn’t own a Q-hook for nothing! The pattern is SO easy — a little finicky at first, since I had no idea what a foundation double chain was — and it’s super quick. If I hadn’t been so confused at first it would’ve only taken a few hours. I had made a different cowl for my sister in law, but then decided to give her this one since it was bulkier, warmer, and I could easily make myself another.

Get the pattern here.

I’ve never really crocheted a ton of gifts like I did this year and I have to say, it was a lot of fun! I learned some new things and finally got my mojo back with crocheting. I hope I can get a better head start on things next year and not save it for the last week!

What gifts did you make for Christmas? Did you have any crochet projects on the go?Β 



6 thoughts on “{Crafting} Pre-Christmas Crochet Week Blitz

    • I love it … actually the Outlander cowl was originally supposed to be knit, but she included a crochet pattern. For the life of me I can’t find #50 knitting needles or I’d try it that way!

  1. Geez, talented much?! πŸ˜‰ Everything looks great!! Lucky gift receivers! The poop is hilarious and fantastic! And I love, love love the cowl. How did you learn how to crochet? Can you knit too?

    • Thanks, Brie! I learned to crochet once by my mom, but then forgot it, so I resorted to YouTube and the Chicks with Sticks books — they’re SO handy! I can do basic knitting but I find that crocheting is a lot faster. The cowl’s original pattern was for knitting but she included one for crocheting … personally, I prefer the knitting one but the needles are HUGE and I can’t find them anywhere! Lol.

  2. Oh my gosh!!! I especially love the chunky cowl but you just look SO cute in all of these pictures. I keep wanting to take up needle arts–especially as I can do it when watching TV (right now I do my handquilting then), but then I call myself crazy and wonder if I really need ONE more thing. Then I see your cowl and think YES! πŸ˜‰

    • Aww, thanks Trish! I loooove crocheting in front of the TV. Lol. It’s a great way to spend time with the husband but still get something done. And less anti-social than spending time on the computer. Crocheting is SO easy to learn and you can get things made fast! I love it!

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