{Book Talk} Oh the weather outside is frightful, but the company is sooo delightful.

snowy night with a strangerAnother stray from the end of the year! When it came to picking out some books to read in December, I knew I had to have some holiday reads — and what better than some holiday-themed historical romance? I loooove me some historical romance and this one won me over with three stories in one book, which made it easier to take in over the busy few weeks (why do we always think we have lots of free time over the holidays?).

Snowy Night With a Stranger has three novellas, by Julia London, Jane Feather and Sabrina Jeffries. The stories weren’t super heavy on the holidays, but they all had the same theme. One person is in travel and circumstances lead them to have to stay with a tall, dark stranger. Perfect, right?

A Holiday Gamble by Jane Feather

I can’t quite remember the details of this one, but I do remember loving it. There’s something about the brooding hero that is just so appealing in historical romance! And Georgia was a great character, too. It was fun to see that she wasn’t your typical leading lady in historical romance — she has a bit of a secret! Not just romance in this one but a bit of mystery.

When Sparks Fly by Sabrina Jeffries

I loved this one! Ellie is off with her aunt and cousins, traveling home, when their carriage is upended and they have to spend some time at the home of the “Black Baron” while her aunt recovers — and while the weather gets better. It’s always fun seeing two people who think they know one another to really get to know one another. Assumptions are NEVER what they seem.

Snowy Night With a Highlander by Julia London

Where has Julia London been all my life? This was such a perfect story and probably my favourite of the three. The main character in this story, Fiona,  has set off to protect her brother and is traveling with a stranger … or so she thinks. Turns out the stranger is someone who embarassed her YEARS ago! Such a fun story since the masked man (who was bundled up after a bad fire burns part of his face) knows who Fiona is, but she has NO idea.

This was such a fun collection to lead into the holidays! I read them past Christmas and closer to the new year, so it was nice that the Christmas theme wasn’t overwhelming (since Christmas is usually OVER on Boxing Day at our house). It makes me want to not only add more historical romance to my reading list in the new year, but to seek out some more holiday-themed ones for next Christmas! And it was nice to find some new authors of the genre!

What are your favourite holiday-themed historical romances? 



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