{Crafting} Shake it, shake it!

My boy LOVES instruments. For Christmas at our mom and baby party, he got a recorder and now he blows into all of his toys to see if they make noises. He loves to bang on the piano and after dinner him and daddy play with the egg shakers and other instruments in our treasure trove.

We thought it might be fun to MAKE our own shakers! I remembered seeing a few websites that list tons of things to make with a toilet paper roll, so I put together a few different designs I saw and went with it!

First, you’ll need to gather your supplies:


Wrap some aluminum foil around one end of the toilet paper roll and duct tape it down (I found that putting a piece of duct tape right on the end and folding it over, then wrapping one around the toilet paper roll worked best).

Pour in your shaker source of choice — we used lentils and white beans.

Seal up the other side the same way you did the first side.

Cut some fun paper to size so you can wrap it around the roll a few times and tape it up with some clear packing tape.


Now, I have a guy who puts EVERYTHING in his mouth, so we didn’t wrap tape around the whole thing the first time … until I saw him eating the paper off the shaker! So we wrapped up packing tape all around it and voila! Perfect for those curious mouths.

Of course, after we made these ones, I decided to make a few more in some plastic jars he unearthed in his tour of destruction around the house (boys!). Again, perfect for little mouths since nothing will come off. I just used packing tape to keep that paper down! In these ones we put popcorn kernals and rice. So many possibilities!


When he saw we had finished making these, he made a beeline for them! That’s why I don’t really have any clear photos of the shakers on their own. What can I say? He was ready to shake!

Have you made any homemade instruments with your kids? What are their favourite instruments? 



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