Changes, Beginnings, Continuations, & So Forth

What the what? Is this thing on?

It feels very weird to be writing here, especially since it’s been about a year and a half since any bookish content was published on this blog, BUT I’ve been having some kind of mid-life blogging crisis lately. It’s more of a “who am i – what do i want to do – how do i parent and book” kind of crisis.

The thing is, I love books. I adore books. I want to read books all the time and talk about them and gush about them and share them with my kids and tell my husband about them even though he could really care less about what I was reading. And I want to talk to YOU about books. I want to be a part of the community! After blogging for nearly 9 years, I can’t see myself NOT being a part of the community, even if I don’t really blog ALL the time anymore.

So what’s the deal?

Yeah, I moved blogs. I started up a new bookish blog, thinking that’s what I had wanted, but it wasn’t. I was blogging about mom life and my kids and while I liked it, I wasn’t in love with it. I can talk about my mom woes on Twitter or Facebook, or to my real life mom friends. What I want to talk about here is books! I can’t talk to my kids about the new Harry Potter yet – they’re not quite at that point where they even get that that’s who the guy on the TV is. I can’t squeal at them with excitement about the new Spindle Cove book coming out, or show them the cover – I really doubt they’d also squeal with joy over that. With them I can mom and read books to them and feed them my love of reading so that they might love reading (which would really be better than EATING their books, which is what they’re likely to do).

I feel kind of like I’ve taken a vacation and now I’m back and rusty and I don’t know if anyone will actually read this, or if anyone actually still has this blog in their readers. I remember back in the day when I felt like hot stuff when it came to blogging and maybe it was just a little too cocky of me to think that but it’s true. I loved that I was in the paper, talking about the Edmonton Book Bloggers. I loved that we met up all the time and talked books. I loved that I could write up a discussion post and actually have people discuss it and share it and like it. But these days, I feel like a stranger. I don’t want to feel like a stranger, but I do.

It’s kind of like being the new kid again.

At any rate, I want to try this blog out again. Feel around, maybe change up the look of it and make it something for me now instead of a pair of shoes I’m trying to fit in. I’ve already given up the domain, so I’m a DOT wordpress kind of girl now, and that’s okay. But I want to get back into this again. I don’t want to be forgotten as a blogger.

So, what to expect from this blog now? Well, I plan to talk about books. I want to talk about bookish things a LOT. I most likely won’t share a lot of personal mom-life posts, since I find they’re more for a vent for me than anything else. I want to share covers and my bookish anticipations and my reading lists and my growing TBR pile. I just want to feel like I’m contributing, in my little corner of the internet.

And I guess we’ll see where it goes from there!


12 thoughts on “Changes, Beginnings, Continuations, & So Forth

  1. It’s good to see you back, Kristilyn! I know what you mean about feeling like a stranger: I took a two year break (didn’t mean it to be that long) and I’m still trying to get caught up.

    I’m looking forward to your posts, wherever bookish you’d like to take them.

    BTW, I’m a Nova Scotia book blogger. I’m always happy to read about what’s reading in other parts of Canada. šŸ˜‰

    • It’s so hard to catch up! I’m trying to update things that are necessary to be updated, but not going crazy. And yay for being from Nova Scotia! It’s soooo pretty over there!

  2. Glad you’re back! I think, with blogging, you have to blog about what you’re most interested in/passionate about. Otherwise it becomes more of a chore, and that wouldn’t be good. I’m glad you’re writing about books again; it’s easy to see you love them!

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  4. Ok, selfishly I do hope that you still blog about the mom and personal stuff since those are my favorite posts (I’m just not reading as much these days), but I’m glad that you’re back at your old home and it looks like others are happy, too. šŸ™‚

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