[Book Talk] Terminal (Ellie Jordan: Ghost Trapper, #4) by J. L. Bryan

terminalBook Details:

Format: Ebook
Source: Purchased
Read: August 2016

Ellie Jordan: Ghost Trapper series

  1. Ellie Jordan: Ghost Trapper
  2. Cold Shadows
  3. The Crawling Darkness
  4. Terminal


Ellie Jordan and her apprentice Stacey investigate a house in an elaborate planned community that was only half-built before it went bankrupt, leaving an instant ghost town with only a few residents. The entity haunting this house is a banshee that feeds on sadness and misery.

Unfortunately for Ellie, this is no simple haunting, but just one symptom of the cursed land on which the suburban community was built. The old railroad line running through the nearby woods might just be a conduit for lost souls, including dark spirits with ill intentions toward the living. Ellie soon finds herself facing one of the most complex and difficult hauntings she’s seen in her career.

My Thoughts

Another great instalment in the world of Ellie Jordan! I’m totally digging this series and just can’t get enough. My favourite thing is starting a new book in the series right before bed – I love the creepiness of reading these stories in the dark, in bed, usually by myself lately while the husband watches the Olympics downstairs.

This was a fun story, though probably the one I didn’t connect too much with. For me, personally, I love the stories that involve the hauntings of people or their homes, that take place mostly in their homes. Though the whole ghost town aspect was pretty cool. Actually, while I was reading this, we had taken a drive around a local city, waiting for some play group to start. I was driving around the older part of town where the streets end in a flurry of trees and bushes, with a house just next to them. Part of me wondered what these yards look like and whether these houses experience strange occurrences, being right next to the wild, not really on the normal path of the street where the streetlights lend their light. At one point I thought maybe these little areas where the houses end might be great to live in, but then after a story like this where old things lay haunted, I’m not so sure. Now, we drive by these houses, when we’re on our way here or there and I get a chill down my spine, both out of curiosity and maybe a little out of fear.

Anyway, while the mystery of this story wasn’t quite up my alley, I love what we get with Michael and Ellie – I freaking LOVE Michael – and the mystery surrounding the future of their ghost trapping business. What is going to happen? I’m so glad I have three more books to find out!


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