[Book Talk] One Lucky Hero (Men In Uniform, #1) by Codi Gary

one lucky heroBook Details

Format: Audiobook
Source: Overdrive (Library)
Read: August 2016

Men In Uniform series

  1. One Lucky Hero


She was looking for a little fun…

Violet Douglas wants one night where she can be normal. Where she can do something for herself and not be just her sibling’s guardian. So when she spies a tall, dark and sexy stranger, she’s ready to let her wild side roar. The last thing she expects is to see her one night stand one week later, when she drags her delinquent kid brother to the Alpha Dog Training Program.

He wasn’t looking for a commitment…

Sgt. Dean Sparks is used to keeping women at a distance, and yet he can’t resist Violet’s snapping wit or smile. So when he suggests a friends-with-benefits arrangement, it seems like the perfect solution to their undeniable attraction. No emotional entanglement, just mind-blowing sex.

But with their lives becoming more and more entwined, Dean realizes that casual isn’t enough for him anymore. And as Violet finds herself leaning on Dean in a way she never has, will her fears put more distance between them? Or can she let go of the past, and take a chance on happily ever after?

My Thoughts

I’m so glad I gave this book a chance! Initially, I wasn’t sure. I wanted to read the book, but was listening to the audiobook and it was a male narrator. Now, I don’t have anything against male narrators, but it felt weird with more of a romance, girly book. I listened to a few hours of it and then decided not to listen to it … and then changed my mind the next day where I listened to the whole thing! And it was great!

I loved this story. At first I just expected two people hooking up all the time, but there was so much more depth to the story. I loved Violet and Dean, I loved the whole premise of Alpha Dog (and how Violet wasn’t sure about dogs – it was kind of nice to have that rather than her just loving dogs), and I loved how Violet was with her siblings. Family really came first for her.

That being said, the romance was great in this book! Still, a little weird with the male narrator and only because he had the kind of voice that would be very well suited to something like a horror novel. His voice did fit Dean quite well, but with the more sexual scenes it wasn’t my favourite.

I look forward to reading more in this series!


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