[Crafting] What’s Been Happening Lately & Learning To Knit

It’s been so long since my last post and I promise I haven’t dropped off the face of the earth! September has been a weird month. I haven’t been reading as much (though still probably more than some people) and haven’t been socializing too much on social media. I’ve been addicted to rewatching Gilmore Girls, in fact, and have spent the kids’ naptime and my mornings before they’re up rewatching all six seasons in anticipation of the new specials. I am SO FREAKING EXCITED for it to come back! As I watch, I’ve had a few thoughts:

  • Will Rory own a Kindle or an ereader of some kind? Or will she still only read physical books?
  • Will Rory end up with Logan? Will there be a new man?
  • Will Lorelei be married? She BETTER be married to Luke, dammit!
  • Will Lorelei or Rory own a Keurig? Or some kind of newfangled coffee machine?
  • Did Rory ever go to Fes?
  • Did Rory ever end up being a journalist?
  • Will Lorelei or Rory have another kid?
  • Is Chris FINALLY out of the picture? I swear, if Lorelei is married to him I’ll be so pissed off.
  • If Rory doesn’t end up with her other boyfriends (please don’t let her be with Jess or Dean – especially not Dean), what are they up to? Are they married and with kids? Is Dean still pining over her?
  • Is Taylor still a crazy person? And Kirk? Will there be any new Kirk specials like the film or the dance?

SO many questions! I seriously can’t wait for it to come back. It’s on my son’s birthday weekend, so I’ll have to introduce him to the wonders of the show.

My son started school this month and it’s been really good! He hasn’t started talking up a storm or anything, but he’s waving and waiting in a line before I go to pick him up. He’s not freaking out anymore when I drop him off and actually seems excited when we get there. We’ve got some pictures and crafts sent home already and apparently he’s doing well. Therapy days start for him soon and I’m interested to see how they work with the kids in the classroom. It’s a crazy new adventure for us!

My husband went away to Indiana for 6 days to visit his brother and I decided to try knitting again. My library had a knitting night last week and I was the only one who brought their crocheting (it was called a knitting night, but you could bring any yarn craft you were working on). I felt inspired to try again, since I had been trying knitting off and on for a few years now and never liked it.


Surprisingly, it actually clicked with me this time around and I really, really like doing it! I worked on three projects while my husband was away and got used to knitting and purling, and recognizing the stitches, I learned how to do small cables, how to do increases and decreases, how to yarn over (which isn’t how I was doing it initially), and my knitting needle collection grew exponentially. I think we went to the yarn store three times while my husband was gone so I could buy supplies.


I’m so happy with my first projects that I need to keep going! The hat is a gift for my cousin, who had a baby a few months ago. It’s made with the same yarn for the blanket I made for her baby and since winter is coming, I think it’ll be perfect! The dishcloth will be for me since it’s not perfect and I really need practice working with cotton yarn and knitting needles. And the cowl will go to someone, I’m not sure who yet … I have my Christmas list going for what to make for everyone and I have a surplus of items already made. I still have to figure it all out!


Currently I’m working on a shawl for a gift and I’m going to try my hand at SOCKS! They seem so difficult right now but I can’t wait to try. I want to figure out how to use double pointed needles since they seem so intimidating!

What have YOU been up to lately? Anything crafty? Are you in a bit of a reading slump like I am? 


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