[Book Talk & Knitting] Silence of the Lamb’s Wool (Yarn Retreat, #2) by Betty Hechtman


When the Fall rolls in, I just love a good cozy mystery! This is still kind of a new development for me since I just started to love cozy mysteries last year. Once I learned that it wasn’t just mystery, but THEMED mystery, I was hooked! Some of my favourites involve knitting and crocheting, especially since they get me in the mood to knit and crochet when I read them!

Betty Hechtman’s crochet and knitting series are favourites of mine – they might be a little cheesy and predictable here and there, but they’re a lot of fun! I just finished reading the second Yarn Retreat book and loved getting back to Vista Del Mar and the cast of characters. How fun would it be to go to a yarn retreat? I would love to go spend a weekend with a group of like-minded people, crocheting or knitting up a storm and learning more about the craft.

Since I just started to love knitting, I just had to dive into the knitting project at the end of the book (I also made the Black and White Muffin recipe that was included, but they didn’t quite turn out, after an experiment to make an egg I didn’t have and the muffins having this super weird consistency, making them inedible. I’m betting the recipe would be wonderful when made properly!). It looked easy enough since there was a lot of increasing and it was just the stockinette stitch, but it was great practice! I’m just getting used to continental knitting so it’s always great to have practice to make it easier. And I used a yarn I had never used before, a homespun yarn, and while it was a little tricky at times, I might end up using it again!

So, in the end, this was a fun book and I look forward to reading the next one in the series – as well as continuing with her crochet series! I still yearn for some romance and maybe some of my least favourite characters to be put on the back burner, but it should be good. And I would by lying if I said I wasn’t also looking forward to the pattern and recipe in the back!


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