Where You Lead, I Will Follow — My Thoughts on the Gilmore Girls Revival!

Who here LOVES Gilmore Girls? I do, I do! I never did watch it when it aired, but I would think it was maybe 3 or 4 years ago that I finally got into watching it and I can’t even remember why! I started watching it and loved it, then found all the DVDs on sale at Wal-Mart one day and seriously BINGED on the whole thing. I loved Stars Hollow and all the characters in it and just wanted to go there one day and live there. Who wouldn’t want to do that?

After I watched it once, I had to watch it again. And again. And again. And when it was announced that there would be a revival of the show this year, I watched it yet again! I was so excited that tons of the original characters were coming back and sad that Ed Hermann wasn’t going to be there. I counted down the days with other fans, got the magazines, and my body actually woke me up right at 1:00 a.m. when it aired here (though I went back to sleep and got up three hours later). I spent every free second of the day watching the revival and stayed away from social media until I was done because I didn’t want any spoilers.

Seriously, I think people thought I was crazy when they asked what I was doing Friday and I cried, “It’s Gilmore Girls Day!” I mean, wasn’t everyone watching?

Anyway, I love, love, loved the revival! If you haven’t watched it, I’d suggest not reading further, since I’m going to list off my favourite parts of the four-part special.

Here goes!

  • The magic of lead up to that first scene, with the different lines from the first 7 seasons – just listening to that made me want to start the whole thing over again!
  • The town troubadour! I was so happy he was back!
  • Carole King busting out on the piano and Taylor telling her one of her most famous songs wasn’t catchy enough.
  • That darn musical! Seriously, once I watched it a second time, I fell in love with it. Sutton Foster killed the role as the lead of the musical and those songs … oh my gosh, they just get better and better! I know some people thought it was too long, but it was perfect.
  • Emily’s growth as a character was my favourite! I loved her by the end. I mean, we’ve always loved Emily but I love the person she became and how she found what she truly wanted to be after the death of her husband. I liked how she just didn’t want to be a part of that life she used to play a role in.
  • How the whole show was like a tribute to Edward Hermann. I wonder what direction it would’ve gone if he hadn’t passed?
  • Michel. Oh my god, Michel! I loved how much he was in it and I loved his character so much. Favourite quote: “Your name is Molly. Why?”
  • “Super proud.”
  • Jess. I was never really a fan of him in the main series, especially after I watched it a few more times – I just realized what an ass he was and how there was definitely someone better for Rory. But I feel like he redeemed himself in this series. As he grew up, he was like the voice of reason for Rory and if they ever bring the show back again, I’d love for him to play a role in her life.
  • The whole Paul thing was hilarious! I know some people said it was just too gimmicky and silly, but I thought it was so funny!
  • The whole wedding montage at the end with Sam Phillip’s gorgeous song, ‘Reflecting Light.’ Such a perfect selection and brought back memories of when Luke and Lorelai danced back at his sister’s wedding.
  • Oh my god, ooober was freaking hilarious! Every single time Kirk would say “not uber, ooober” I would laugh.
  • Hep Alien! I was so excited when I saw Sebastian Bach come into the scene, since I didn’t even know he was coming back!
  • One of the first scenes, when Lorelai and Luke are going to bed and she comes out wearing pajamas covered in dogs and says, “Puppies.” Such a Lorelai thing!
  • I almost forgot, but Kirk’s movie! When I thought about what I’d love to see in the revival, I instantly thought that Kirk should have another movie or something so I was thrilled when there was one! And I loved the rewatch with the Life & Death Brigade, too!

What I didn’t like:

  • I love Alexis Bledel but I wasn’t a fan of her acting at first – it seemed very un-Rory.
  • And speaking of Rory, where were the books? I longed for that bookish girl we all got to know and love! I don’t think she read a book at all during the four episodes.
  • The ‘Wild’ experience. I’ve read Wild and I did like it, but I felt like that whole part was just too long. The payoff at the end and the bonding between Lorelai and Emily was worth it, but I just didn’t like it.
  • I wish Rory had done more with the Stars Hollow Gazette. I like that she got the job there, but I wanted her to make it her own and make it something special.
  • I know they played it at the very end of the show, but I missed the theme song! I wanted them to play it right off the bat, maybe with an updated intro or something?

And now that I’ve made that list, I’m going to go watch the revival yet again! And maybe put my name on the wait list for Lauren’s book again (since it was awesome – and any Gilmore Girl fan should read it!). I’m sure I’ll find even more to love! And I would be so on board if they made more Gilmore Girls, either in movies, specials, or another reboot of the show. I just can’t get enough! I thought the revival was so nostalgic and so well done and I’m so glad that we got it!

Are you a Gilmore Girls fan? Did you watch Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life? What are your favourite parts? 


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