#FitReaders Weekly Check-In: January 6, 2017


#FitReaders: Weekly Check-in

#FitReaders hosted by Geeky Bloggers Book Blog and That’s What I’m Talking About. It’s all about keeping fit – which is hard for me, as a reader, since I’d really rather just read books.

So, I decided to join Fit Readers this year because I’ve been saying CONSTANTLY that I need to join and get healthy, but always put it on the back burner. For the last quarter of 2016 I was horrible with eating and on January 1st I decided to step on the scale. HUGE mistake, but a huge eye opener. I was the heaviest I had ever been (minus being pregnant) and I hated it. In the past three years there were times I put up with my weight because I had been breastfeeding and needed the calories, but I’m not breastfeeding anymore! My kids are 3 and 1.5 so it is definitely time to take myself into consideration and get healthy again!

This week my focus has mainly been on food. I’d like to say I’m one of those people who just know what to eat, but I need to focus on calories, at least in the beginning, especially when I don’t have a regular exercise regime. It was horrifying to see that the eggnogs I was enjoying in December amounted to nearly 1,000 calories on their own … then plus the cookies I enjoyed daily for breakfast, tons of coffee with vanilla creamer, and eating all freaking day long. It’s been hard not grazing on food all day, but it’s also nice feeling focused and paying more attention to what’s going into my body. Typically I start with 1,000 calories for my daily food and then have a reasonable portion of whatever we’re having for dinner. Sometimes I’ll end the day with a yogurt.

As for movement, I did maybe 5 minutes of core exercises yesterday but not much else. I do want to work in yoga, and maybe do a video a day. I would love to get a step counter, but I have no idea what to get and don’t have a lot of money to get an expensive one. Oh, and I’ve been trying to be more productive around the house, which means lots of up and down the stairs!

I hope that by anticipating posting weekly I’ll stay motivated. Not only that, but I have to do this for me and get healthy! I deserve it, you know?


4 thoughts on “#FitReaders Weekly Check-In: January 6, 2017

  1. I’m hoping the weekly postings will keep my motivated too. I’ve taken to pacing my house while reading. My husband thinks I’m insane, but I’ve lost 25 lbs since October… so what does he know?

    • That’s amazing, Erin! I should try doing that when I read. Though usually it’s early in the morning before the kids get up and it’s so darn dark in this house in the winter. lol. I use to go for walks with my books and loved it, but yeah, people don’t understand walking and reading!

  2. HI Kristilyn! Welcome to our group…I love that we get new members all the time! The best part of this group is that you just gained so many cheerleaders to support and motivate you 🙂 We all have different goals and just having this group is so helpful – between the weekly check-ins and the facebook page and twitter account – there’s always someone to check-in with/ask questions to/chat with/vent to/ etc.

    As for step counters, I have a fitbit – the Alta ($130) which is one of the wrist ones, but their cheaper one, I think it’s the Zip is about $60 – that just clips onto your clothing. That seems to work pretty well – my mom uses it. But, if you have a smartphone – most of them have some sort of step counter on them and I think they are somewhat accurate. Hope this helps a little 🙂

    I wish you much success with your goals!!! Being aware and making even small changes will make a difference.

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