#ReadMyOwnDamnBooks2017 – January Update

This year has been an interesting year in reading for me. For the past 6 years, at least, I’ve been buying lots of books, putting them on my shelves, unread, and then buying more books, etc., etc. I mean, I’ve read tons in the past years, but I’m fairly certain that even though I’ve read lots, I’ve added more books to my shelves – more than I’ve probably read!

The past few years have seen two big book purges and then last year, in December, I decided enough was enough, I was going to read my own damn books! I mean, I bought them for a reason, right? I wanted to read them? And if the ones on my shelves survived two book purges, then I should probably get to them, right?

This month, I read ONE library book, bought ZERO books, and read lots from my shelves! I went through everything on my shelves, and put everything on the shelves that had been read and left everything else in piles. I looked on my library’s Overdrive website and made a pile of books (nearly 60!) that are available as audiobooks online, made another pile of books to read, and picked out a pile to read in the coming weeks. As I go, I add whatever I’ve read to the shelves, organizing as I go. I can’t WAIT to see my piles go down and my shelves finally be full of books I’ve actually read!

Honestly, I have had a few moments over the past month where I wanted to buy books, but didn’t – just looking at my shelves and flipping through all my unread books made me excited to read them!

So … this month I read a whopping TWENTY-EIGHT books, with TWENTY-FOUR of them being from my shelves! Here’s what I LOVED:

i-let-you-go the-last-letter-from-your-lover when-i-fall-in-love

It’s funny, these are all so wildly different from one another – one is a thriller, another a historical fiction (with romance!), another a contemporary romance …

I Let You Go was an intense read! It was horrifying to read, but had me so hooked from the first chapter that I read the whole thing in one day. I own the paperback but listened to the audio from the library and it was FANTASTIC. The intensity was just completely enhanced with the narration and I would highly recommend it!

The Last Letter From Your Lover is my fourth Jojo Moyes, I believe, and it didn’t hook me right away. Maybe it was because I started it at bedtime, but I thought I wouldn’t love it like I had other books by her, but then all of a sudden, I was hooked! The story was gripping, romantic, and just wonderful. Another 5-star read from Jojo Moyes!

When I Fall In Love was one of those books that I had seen all over the place when looking for recommendations for audiobooks and it was the perfect book for me. Completely romantic and fun! And well worth listening to the audiobook – the narration was great to listen to. I wish I could have an ‘after’ story to read now, but I’ll take what I can get.

What did you read this month? Anything good? 


2 thoughts on “#ReadMyOwnDamnBooks2017 – January Update

  1. 28 books in a month! And I thought I was a fast reader! I probably need to do what you’ve done and finish reading the books on my shelves. Then again, I have a mental shopping list of all the new books I want too.

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