#ReadMyOwnDamnBooks2017 – February Update

I definitely have started this year off with a BANG! My initial goal for reading was going to be 150 books for the year, but since I’ve had tons of reading time (thanks to the fact that I get no sleep and the kids nap) I’ve already read OVER 50 BOOKS. Like, what??

There was also plenty of TV watching, Mahjong playing, and, of course, TONS of playing with the kids. We really didn’t get out too much this month. February is a weird month since the weather usually varies from super nice days, to super cold days, to snow, to sunshine, and it’s just so tiring. It’s the month where I want spring to come, especially on the days the kids and I can get outside in light jackets and play in the sun. Winter is just so freaking long in Canada!

I actually BOUGHT some books this year, even though I said I wasn’t going to. BUT I’ve actually been reading them. As I’ve been going through my TBR pile of books that I’ve bought before 2017 I’m realizing there are tons of books that I’m just not enjoying 50-100 pages in. I’ve been loving everything I’ve bought this year (8 books bought, 5 read) and I think it’s because I’m reading them shortly after buying. I think when I buy a book and let it sit on my shelf for years, the excitement for that book goes out of me and my tastes change, so I’m not as into it as I could’ve been had I read it when I bought it. So my goal this year is definitely to read books within a few weeks of buying and NOT putting them on my shelf unread. Hopefully that will also help me buy LESS books.

This month I’ve been knocking out series books, too! I have this crazy hatred of series books this year … it seems that so many of the books I have on my TBR are the beginnings of series. I think some of them turned into series after I bought them, when I figured they’d just be standalones. I started a few of them and put them in my donate pile because I just couldn’t get into them. I’m not naming what ones they are, but there has been a good pile of them. I’m also enjoying lots of adult books this year, which is nice!

So … this month I read a whopping TWENTY-EIGHT books, with SIXTEEN of them being from my shelves! Here’s what I LOVED (of the books I owned before the year started):

call-the-midwife ruby-red sapphire-blue emerald-green all-the-bright-places stolen dime-store-magic

It’s funny, these are all so wildly different from one another – one is a thriller, another a historical fiction (with romance!), another a contemporary romance …

Call The Midwife: A Memoir of Birth, Joy, And Hard Times was amazing. I loved reading about Jennifer Worth’s life as a midwife and the stories were heartbreaking and lovely. I watched the TV show first, before reading this, and it was fun to see my favourite characters (Chummy!) again. When I finished I wanted to rewatch the show – and continue with this series since there are two more memoirs!

The Precious Stone Trilogy was awesome. I owned the first two books and downloaded the audiobooks through my library and could NOT get enough of them! I had no idea they were about time travel, plus there was romance and friendship … it was the perfect trilogy! I gobbled the whole thing up in a week!

All The Bright Places was such an emotional book. I had seen it compared to John Green’s The Fault In Our Stars and it really was nothing like that. I bawled during this book!

Stolen and Dime Store Magic are the second and third books in the Women of the Otherworld series and they were both fast-paced and awesome! I loved getting to know more of the wolf pack as well as getting to know more of a new character. I did read the third book, too, but it wasn’t as great as the first three in the series, but I will definitely be continuing on since I own all thirteen in the series!

What did you read this month? Anything good? 


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