[Book Talk] The Hypnotist’s Love Story by Liane Moriarty

the-hypnotists-love-storyBook Details:

Format: Paperback
Source: Bought
Read: February 2017


For fans of Emily Giffin, another wonderful book from the author of the #1 New York Times bestseller, THE HUSBAND’S SECRET…

Ellen O’Farrell is a professional hypnotherapist who works out of the eccentric beachfront home she inherited from her grandparents. It’s a nice life, except for her tumultuous relationship history. She’s stoic about it, but at this point, Ellen wouldn’t mind a lasting one. When she meets Patrick, she’s optimistic. He’s attractive, single, employed, and best of all, he seems to like her back. Then comes that dreaded moment: He thinks they should have a talk.

Braced for the worst, Ellen is pleasantly surprised. It turns out that Patrick’s ex-girlfriend is stalking him. Ellen thinks, Actually, that’s kind of interesting. She’s dating someone worth stalking. She’s intrigued by the woman’s motives. In fact, she’d even love to meet her.

Ellen doesn’t know it, but she already has.

My Thoughts

I’m starting to realize that Liane Moriarty’s books aren’t fast-paced thrill rides. They have an element of thrill to them, that bit of mystery to keep the reader hooked on the story, but it’s definitely a slow burn. I haven’t enjoyed everything I’ve read by her, but some of her stories just intrigue me so much that I can’t put them down and this one, with the premise being about Ellen in her happy relationship, inconvenienced by her boyfriend’s crazy stalker, kept me wanting to read the story to find out what was going to happen, even though it really wasn’t overly exciting.

While the whole story could have gone any other way — I mean, it is about a stalker, and Patrick’s ex definitely has a crazy side — I found that it went the way of moving on, friendship, loyalty, etc. It was different than what I thought it would be and while I enjoyed the story as a whole, I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. There were lots of things I thought would happen that never did and I just can’t figure out if that’s good or bad. Patrick was dreadfully boring and all too agreeing with Ellen, and yet she remained happy. Their relationship took an interesting turn at a few points, but even though the book is supposedly about Ellen, with her being the hypnotist, it kind of isn’t.

Anyway, I feel like I rambled on incoherently about my thoughts on the story and they really do remain jumbled. I’m still not sure if I really like Liane Moriarty’s books or not, but she definitely has me interested. And I was creeped out at certain points of the story. I didn’t love it, not as much as I’ve loved previous books, but it was still a good read.


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