What I’m Watching in March: Class

I have a ridiculous amount of shows on the go. I’m notorious for starting to watch a show, then another, then another, and then a bunch of them get lost along the way – shows that I still want to keep watching but I’m just so eager to try the next one and the next one. Kind of like reading. You know how you want to read ALL your books at once? When they all just look soooo good? It’s much easier to do with television, though shows seem to air so quickly now that all of a sudden you’re stuck with a whole season to watch which is both a blessing and a curse when both your hobbies require so much time.

I love Doctor Who – mostly the series with the 9th, 10th, and 11th Doctor. I do like Peter Capaldi, but I’m not really enjoying his storylines. However, when I saw there would be a spin-off of Doctor Who, a show created and written by author Patrick Ness, I was so interested! Once I started watching Class, I couldn’t stop. It was just so much fun! It definitely had that Doctor Who vibe, but I liked the mix of characters and the mysteries of each episode. I love the British-ness of it and how the characters aren’t perfect. They’re not all super skinny, with faces full of perfect makeup and the latest clothing styles. For a sci-fi show, it’s still so real. Again, totally love British TV. I’ll just be sitting over here eating scones and drinking tea.

I’ve heard that there are mixed reviews on this show, that the ratings were low (even though it looks like the critics liked it!), but seriously, this show is awesome. I’m so loving it! I love how diverse the characters are, that the parents are involved, that there’s heart and hope and action and adventure, there are monsters, there’s romance. It’s just perfect! I really, really hope it gets picked up for another season because I need more!


My home is where my books are. - Ellen Thompson

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