#ReadMyOwnDamnBooks2017 – March Update (!!!)

Oh man, MARCH! March, in my opinion, is the longest month of the year. Especially in Canada. This is usually the month where we get hit with more snow, more cold, there’s Daylight Savings, we get tired of winter, dark mornings, the cold … So, naturally, I spent a lot of my month with my books and new shows, which helped the month go by!

I started watching some great shows this month … the second season of Broadchurch, Class, The Santa Clarita Diet, Big Little Lies, Bellevue, The Librarians, Doctor Who. The husband and I went and saw Get Out in the theatre, which was an interesting movie. The boy and I went and saw Ballerina, which was super cute. We watched Sing for the first time and I LOVED it. We also watched Moana about a thousand times, another one I’m loving. Oh, and big event? My best friend and I went and saw Beauty and the Beast this month and it was PERFECT! I can’t wait to see it again!

I had a birthday this month that was pretty uneventful, but don’t they get that way as you get into your thirties? I’m now in the second half of my thirties and it’s kind of terrifying to be in that bracket. I definitely don’t feel like I’m in the second half of my thirties. There are some days I still think I’m in my 20s. I don’t feel like an adult most days, even though I’m raising two young children. Maybe it’s just March speaking?

Since I’ve been in a reading mood these past few months, March was also epic, with me reading THIRTY-THREE books, with NINETEEN of them being from my pre-2017 shelves! (For other stats, 6 of my read books were bought brand new this year, and 8 were library books)

Here’s what I LOVED* (of the books I owned before the year started):


I had lots of four star books this month, and just a few that hit five stars:

Never Broken was perfect. I’ve always been a fan of Jewel and her music. While I knew a lot of her story, I didn’t know it all. I had read her book of stories and I do have her book of poetry, but this was such a treat to read. Getting the audiobook from the library made it all better, too. It was like sitting down to coffee with a friend!

Exit Strategy is the first book in Kelley Armstrong’s Nadia Stafford trilogy and it was so freaking good! I love Kelley’s books and this one definitely ranks up there with Cainsville and Casey Duncan. I’m so happy I bought copies of it! Since I loved it so much, I also read the rest of the series, with Made to Be Broken, Wild Justice, and Double Play (#3.5). I really wish this series could just keep going!

A Gathering of Shadows, the second book in V. E. Schwab’s Shades of Magic series, was also amazing. I had started reading it a few months ago but then it got put down, so I got the audiobook and I couldn’t stop listening! It was just such a great book – and I’m happy the last book in the series is out. I’ll be getting that audiobook too!

Like A River Glorious, the second book in Rae Carson’s Gold Seer Trilogy, was such a great read. I loved that this book was a story on it’s own, with no crazy cliffhangers at the end, but lots of resolution. Definitely doesn’t follow the usual second book format of a lot of YA trilogies. And can I just say how amazing Rae Carson’s writing is? I loved her previous series and I’m loving this one, too!

*All the books I loved are the ones from my pre-2017 TBR that have received 5 stars after reading. 

What did you read this month? Anything good? 


2 thoughts on “#ReadMyOwnDamnBooks2017 – March Update (!!!)

  1. So true. Even though I now live in Washington State, I still vaguely expect March to be wintery. I read a decent bit this month (especially with Canada Reads) but I’ve also been getting outside more. Wishing you spring soon!

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