[Book Talk] A Darkness Absolute (Casey Duncan, #2) by Kelley Armstrong

Book Details

Format: Hardcover
Source: Purchased
Read: March 2017

Casey Duncan series

  1. City of the Lost
  2. A Darkness Absolute


People disappear to Rockton so no-one can find them. But the trouble is people also disappear from Rockton. New York Times and Globe and Mail bestselling author and master of thrills Kelley Armstrong returns to Rockton for more page-turning suspense, following her #1 national bestseller, City of the Lost.

It’s winter in Rockton, a little town hidden deep in the wilds of the Yukon. The town exists for people who need to escape their pasts, though it’s not clear if those in hiding are victims or perpetrators. Or, when the lines gets blurred, maybe both. Ask Casey. She’s been used, betrayed, beaten. But she’s also killed someone. She moved to Rockton to help her best friend, Diana. Ex-best friend. Diana lied to get Casey to come with her; she used her and she almost got her killed. But Casey decided to stay anyway, to work as a detective alongside her new boyfriend and the town’s sheriff, Eric Dalton. Fresh off solving a series of grisly murders, Casey and Deputy Will Anders get stranded in a blizzard while they’re tracking a runner from the town. Seeking shelter in a cave, they stumble across a woman who’s been imprisoned in a deep well. Nicole Chavez–whom everybody thought had run away from town and died in the woods more than a year earlier–is alive. Barely. But she can’t identify her captor: she’s never seen his face.

Was she taken by one of the hostiles who inhabit the wilderness around the town? Or is Casey facing something even worse? In a town where everyone lies about their past and lives under assumed identities, it’s very easy to hide your true nature…

My Thoughts

Gah! Can I just rave again about how much I love Kelley Armstrong? This book was so good! I was so happy to be back in Rockton with all its mysteries. It was great getting to know the characters again and to see the awesomeness that is Eric Dalton.

I started reading this story at the perfect time as it starts with Casey and company trekking out in a snow storm to search for someone. I got to read while the snow blew around outside on a chilly Saturday morning and it was perfect. As much as I loved the time in Rockton, I loved the time outside of Rockton as the “police force” searches for a missing woman. There’s caves and snow and an adorable Newfoundlander dog (and trust me, I’ve seen one as a puppy and they’re ADORABLE). I loved how creepy I felt whenever Casey would be outside on the edge of the forest. Since I’m surrounded by trees at my house, I will definitely be searching for movement beyond the treeline from now on …

I can’t believe I now have to wait so long for the next book in this series to come out! Thankfully I’m still catching up on her books so I have lots to read until it comes out. And the next Cainsville book, too! Seriously, if you’re not reading Kelley Armstrong’s books, you must!

But don’t take my word for it … read some other reviews! 

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