Romance Book Club Night!

This past while, since becoming a mom and trying to get back into reading and having fun with reading, I have LONGED for a fun book club! I love the idea of the library book club, but I find that the same old recycled book club kits can get so boring. As much as I try, I am not a literary fiction reader. I can read the odd one once in a while, but it has to be one of my choosing. The books I’ve read at previous library book clubs have been boring, or depressing, or just too long and dense, and since I don’t have a ton of reading time available to me, I want to ENJOY what I’m reading!

So, when I saw that one of the libraries in my area, the Morinville Public Library, was having a romance book club night, I was so on board. Instantly, I fell in love with a few things, based on the poster alone:

  1. That we BOUGHT the book. It wasn’t just a used book from the book club kit, but a new one for my shelf.
  2. That it was a FUN book! I love a good historical romance and you NEVER see these in book clubs!
  3. That it was an EVENT. It wasn’t just sitting in a room with maybe some tea and just a discussion of printed off questions, but instead it was in a fun, decorated room (seriously, rose petals were everywhere!), and there were themed snacks and drinks (champagne!) and that the discussion wouldn’t be led from a printed sheet of questions.

So yeah, sign me up!

I went in the week before and signed up, getting book #14 of 15, and looked forward to reading it. It was Julia London’s Sinful Scottish Laird, the second book in her Highland Grooms series. Before I signed up, I made sure to read the first book just to get a taste of the writing since I really hadn’t read much of Julia London, and I loved it, so I really looked forward to this book.

And thank goodness for reminder phone calls because I thought this book club was on a Friday, but it was actually on the WEDNESDAY. Oops! They phoned me on Tuesday to remind me of the book night and I promptly dropped what I was reading and dove into the book.

Here’s my brief review:

I loved how easy this book was to get into. I loved both Caelin and Daisy (as well as Caelin’s comment about Daisy’s ridiculous name). I thought Belinda was hilarious in the beginning about the heathen, animal Scots, thinking they were only there to rob them. I loved to hate Rob and, frankly, thought he was a complete and utter asshole. I loved Ellis and how much he opened up in the Highlands. I thought it was a little weird to read this story and see that the couple in the first book are now the PARENTS of the main character in this book. Normally it’s sisters, or brothers, or friends, who take up a trilogy of romance books, but this one started with the parents, then to their son and the next one will be their other son. Still, even though it was weird to see my previous favourite couple so old, it was a great book! I started it halfway through naptime on Tuesday and finished it the next morning before the kids got up.

Now the book night for this was fantastic! Initially, it was super awkward because I got there early and went into the very obvious room where the book night was (obvious because it was decorated in rose petals, and plaid, and candlesticks) and apparently there was some serious meeting going on. It was kind of funny because the ladies sitting there were talking about a guy named Rob, so I thought they were talking about the book. And apparently they weren’t! Oops! I felt so embarrassed after they left the room that I seriously debated leaving. 

But then, the lady running the book night came in and, oh my goodness, she was fantastic! For the life of me, I can’t remember her name, but she was so friendly, and quirky, and welcoming. She had such a great personality and instantly I wanted to be her best friend (not really, but yes really). We chatted about books (fantasy books are her bag, she said) and it was just so refreshing! I don’t have a lot of reader friends in real life so it was so much fun to chat with someone other than my husband (who thought I was crazy to be going somewhere to talk about a book). The discussion with the other ladies (who were all around my age for the most part) was lively and hilarious. The word “cock” was uttered in the first thirty seconds before the champagne was even poured and right then and there I knew this was the book club for me! It was scheduled for an hour but we all stayed for two and enjoyed our snacks (the chocolate covered strawberries were delicious!) and champagne.

The next meetings were discussed, too. As this was the inaugural book night at the library, they had just wanted to see how things went and how many people attended before making it a regular thing. I’m so happy that they will be doing a regular night of it, from the sounds of it every few months. The lady running it said they plan on a YA night (for adults who read YA), a mystery night (we discussed scotch as the drink), a fantasy night, a Christian romance night (for the holidays), and she’s even planning a Halloween horror book night for next October. I am beyond excited to attend these in the future! The ladies were fun and interesting, even though I think I was the only one who really liked the book. This library might be slightly out of the way for me, but it was so worth it to go!

The whole drive home I thought about how much I loved to read and to talk to people about books and reading. I thought about how much I love FUN book clubs and how much fun the night was. I thought about blogging and how I want to get back into doing more fun posts and not just writing reviews. I want to socialize with other bloggers! I want to get my readership up! I want to gush about books! I want to gush about authors! I want to go to the library more! I want to read more! I want to read ALL the books!

Seriously. Best night!


2 thoughts on “Romance Book Club Night!

  1. This sounds amazing! I’ve had that same problem with book clubs where we meet at the library and someone prints out questions…it becomes somewhat monotonous. Wish I could join in this book club!

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