[TV Watching] Thoughts on Doctor Who, Season 10, Episode 1


I’m so excited that Doctor Who is back for another season! I’m not sure what I thought of the last season. Despite the fact that people loved the last season, it wasn’t my favourite. I think part of it was Clara — I needed a change in companions! I also felt like Peter Capaldi was very dark in the last season and it seems like he’s lightened up a bit and is kind of fun (well, at least against the scarier parts of this episode).

Now, this isn’t that I didn’t like Clara. I loved her in the beginning, but I felt like she was around a bit too long and she had great mystery in the beginning and I wanted more from her character.

Anyway, I think this is going to be a fantastic season and I’m so excited to see where the Doctor and Bill go! I’m sure I’m not alone, but I feel like the title of this episode is reminiscent of starting fresh … I know we already started again in 2005 with the new series in general, but I feel like this is just another turnaround with “The Pilot.” I saw a few comments from people bashing Stephen Moffat for having a “pilot” episode, where people said that it’s called “The Pilot” — he’s not starting over. But I think with this episode we had an opportunity *to* start fresh. There’s been a lot of really deep themes in the last seasons that it’s nice to start a new season with new eyes.


  • Bill! I loved the music when she came into the office and that she’s totally not flattering the Doctor. Plus, she’s so stinkin’ cute! I also like that we get a bit of background with her character. I hope that we continue getting more from her foster mom and her home life – I miss that from the older seasons. I kind of feel the same as the author of this Vulture article on the first episode: “I have not instantly liked a new companion as much since Rose Tyler, and that may be, more than anything else, because she isn’t burdened by the aforementioned character trappings. Bill is allowed to breathe and simply be herself. She’s a wonderful change of pace.”
  • I had a mad craving for fries/chips during this episode! I’m sure glad we didn’t have any in the house. Oh, and a bacon sarnie. What is it with every British show and book having bacon sandwiches?
  • How creepy this whole episode was. I feel like this one is kind of up there with the weeping angels, but not quite … I loved the spookiness of the water following Bill and Heather coming out of the water? So creepy!
  • The Doctor getting the pictures of Bill’s mom … I loved when they were celebrating the holidays together and Bill reminisced on her mom, saying how the pictures really help when someone’s gone and then the Doctor puts photos of her mom in her flat. So sweet!
  • I kind of love that Bill is gay and won’t be falling for the Doctor. I mean, I loved Rose and the Doctor together, but I don’t want every female character falling for him. I mean, he *is* an alien. I still kind of wish that either the Doctor would have a male companion or that the Doctor would be a female, but I’ll take this, too. Bill just seemed slightly needy, throwing herself at Heather whenever she could, but I feel like Heather might have had some kind of magnetic pull for her. Maybe?
  • The bathroom scene when Bill thinks her foster mom is just in the shower – LOVED the creepiness of it! And then when the water follows her into the Doctor’s office and “Heather” just comes up from the water? Brilliant!
  • I loved the Doctor when he and Bill went into the TARDIS and how he was so expectant of a big reaction from her. And the music! When he was talking about the TARDIS and the music was all big and majestic and then Bill compares it to a kitchen, and then again it gets all big and she asks to use the toilet. So funny!
  • Uh, can I get a macaron dispenser in my house?
  • I loved all the visual effects in this episode and the music was fantastic. The music is always great in Doctor Who, but I especially loved this episode – it just seemed so fresh.
  • I’m not sure how I feel about Nardole … I liked him in this episode but I don’t think I want to see him in every episode.


“I’d fatted her.” 

“And how does that, in any way, explain why you could come to my lectures?”
“Yeah, it doesn’t really, does it? I was hoping something would develop.”

“Do you know any sci-fi?”

“This is the gateway to everything that was, and everything that can be.” 
“Can I use the toilet?”

“Oh my god, this isn’t just a room, is it?”
“No, it’s not just a room.” 
“This is a lift!”

“Can I ask you a personal question?”
“Can I anyway?”

“Do you think that your bacon sandwich loves you back?”

“Can I say no, sir?” 
“Yes, then … but no, really.”

“Imagine, just imagine, how you would feel if someone did this to you.”


“In the end we’re all looking for someone who’s looking for us.” 

Honestly, this one line had me singing a line from Sarah Slean’s Looking For Someone! A super contemporary song for a sci-fi show.

“But there’s got to be one face and one pair of eyes
That’ll light me on fire, when they’re looking in mine
Oh, I’m looking for someone … who’s looking for me.”

Did you watch last week’s episode of Doctor Who? What did you think? 


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