[Top Ten Tuesday] Top Ten Things That Will INSTANTLY Make Me NOT Want To Read A Book

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish and runs every Tuesday — obviously. 

While I’m quite easy to please when it comes to reading or buying books, I can also be turned OFF from reading a book. Whether it be the author’s fault, the subject matter, or just my own quirks, here’s what will probably make me say NO to reading a book.

1. Bad author relations. 

Don’t get me wrong, most authors are amazing. Polite, easygoing, a joy to chat with on Twitter. But then there are some who follow me on social media or send me an email with the line “Hey! I love your blog, and I think you’ll love my book …” Seriously, NO. Or authors who comment on a tweet I might have written about how I’ll love their book. No, no, no.

2. Anything by Chuck Palahniuk. 

This is super specific, but oh my GOODNESS, Chuck Palahniuk has quite the mind on him. I read — and loved — his books Invisible Monsters and Haunted, but when I checked out his book Pygmy, I realized that I just can’t read more of his books. This book literally made me want to vomit. It was just so gory and detailed that I realized I just can’t stomach books like this anymore.

3. Some self-pubbed books. 

I know this sounds terrible, but over my years as a book blogger, I’ve grown to just ignore a lot of the emails I get pushing a self-published book. Don’t get me wrong, there are some indie writers out there who are amazing but I’ve read so much that is just full of grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, or books that are just too long and too dense and too boring. I’m older now, I have less time, so I’ve gotten more picky.

4. If everyone hates it.  

I don’t follow a lot of social media – I go through spurts – but if I’m on social media and everyone is talking about how awful a book is, I’m definitely turned off from reading it. Not only that, but I check some books on Goodreads before buying (especially if the author is unknown to me) and if the reviews are super unfavourable, I probably won’t pick it up.

5. Middle grade books. 

I used to love middle grade books, but I’ve gotten to this point in my life where I’ve realized that middle grade books just aren’t for me. I still love certain YA books, but I feel like I just can’t connect with middle grade books anymore. I’m sure I’ll try again once my kids are reading, but for now I’ll stick with YA and Adult books.

6. If there’s only a mass market available and it’s a BIG book.

This is usually one that I can work around, what with having an ereader, but if I’m at the bookstore looking for a certain book and it’s only available in mass market paperbook, I’m not picking it up. I think they’re just too small to read, the font is usually tiny, the pages thin, and it just hurts my hand to hold them.

7. If the cover is terrible. 

I am a huge lover of covers and if the cover to a book is just ugly, then I’m not buying it. I might read it from the library, but even then a horrible cover just turns me off from a book. I have mentioned in the past that it might be a good thing if books DIDN’T have a cover, but I love them too much. A pretty cover draws me right in and keeps me looking at the book, but an ugly cover just doesn’t work for me.

8. Paranormal issues. 

I love certain paranormal books and am catching up on some series that I already bought, but these days when it comes to buying a book to read, I will probably overlook it if it has vampires or angels or werewolves or the like. I’ve read so many paranormal books in the past that it just doesn’t jive with me now.

9. The same old bad-boy-good-girl trope. 

I used to really enjoy NA books, but these days I find a lot of them are the same. You have the girl who hasn’t done very much in her life, who is maybe a bit too “good” and who didn’t mean to meet this guy, but he’s a bit of a bad boy, with tattoos and a sketchy past. You know, THOSE kind of books. I like unique characters, not the same ones regurgitated over and over.

10. Erotic fiction. 

I actually used to enjoy some erotic fiction, but these days I feel like there are just other books worth my time. I love a good historical romance that has sexy times on it, but I just say no to the erotic fiction these days. I much prefer a book that makes me think in the end, something with a good story, amazing characters, etc.

What will instantly make you want to NOT want to read a book? 


3 thoughts on “[Top Ten Tuesday] Top Ten Things That Will INSTANTLY Make Me NOT Want To Read A Book

  1. Awesome list ! I agree with ALL of these, I always hate to say I don’t really like reading self-published books but like you said there are so many review requests for them and my reading time is precious to me.

    I also CANNOT read big books (Fantasy mostly) in mass market paperbacks, it drives me nuts! It’s just cramming too much into too little.

    I had unappealing covers on my list this week too. 🙂

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