[TV Watching] Thoughts on Doctor Who, Season 10, Episode 2


Originally, when I saw this week’s episode premise, I thought it was a little weird. I mean emojis? But then, when the bones crash to the floor I realized it wasn’t just going to be a hokey episode.

While I’m okay with story arcs here and there, I kind of like the monster of the week episodes that are being shown now. It really makes the series fun and we get to see more playful and getting to know you action between Bill and the Doctor.

I still love Bill so so much. I love her innocence and how curious she is and how playful she is. I love all her questions and her reactions to things. And I still love that she’s not IN love with the Doctor. I can’t wait to see how their friendship evolves during this season!


  • When Bill comments on the seats not being closer to the controls, I love the Doctor’s reaction. She just calls it like it is and he’s just so surprised by it.
  • I don’t quite get Nardole’s place in this series. I liked the banter between him and the Doctor but is he the Doctor’s assistant or something? It kind of ticked me off how he talked about Bill.
  • I loved David Tennant’s hair, but seriously, Peter Capaldi is giving him a run for his money. I LOVE his hair.
  • I love the blend between the thriller part of the episode and the humour, like the Doctor going back to see what he can do and shouting “And stay away from my browser history!” while he’s running to do so.
  • I like that this episode is about emojis, which are used on computers, and it’s all about bringing the chairs up to the controls, to use the TARDIS like a computer, Bill is taking photographs, the Doctor is talking about having broadband and his browser history. It just ties in nice with the episode.
  • One of my favourite kid’s movies (and we watch a lot) is Big Hero 6, so while the “science-y” part of the episode might have gone over my head, I TOTALLY know what microbots are, thanks to that movie.
  • I love that Bill had this life where she just worked in the café making chips and now she gets to go on adventures. It just reminds me so much of when Rose went with the Doctor way at the beginning of the reboot.
  • I love that Bill asks the Doctor about being Scottish and about other Scotlands in space, just like when Rose asks the Doctor why he sounds like he’s from the North and he says lots of planets have a North.
  • So the Doctor rebooted the system, but what if this happens again? Was that just a cliffhanger for a future episode? It seemed almost too easy to just wave his sonic screwdriver around and fix the problem, but is it really fixed?
  • In the end, I’m not sure how I felt about the emojibots. The “horror” of the episode really was in what was happening around them but they weren’t too terrifying on their own. And pretty easy acting for the people in the suits!
  • The next episode looks SO GOOD. I love how visual this episode was, with the big field and the gorgeous big white building, and then to transition to the streets of London in the next episode with its darker colours and a freaking elephant. I loved how this episode ended, leading right into next week’s episode.


“Why is she here?”
“Because she isn’t anywhere else.”

“I met an emperor made of algae once. <big pause> He fancied me.”

“Two hearts? But why two?”
“Well, why one?”
“Does that mean you’ve got really high blood pressure?”
“Really high.”

“Do you know what it means when someone chases you very slowly?”

“It means there’s a reason they don’t have to run!”

“Why are you Scottish?”
“I’m not Scottish, I’m just cross.”
“Is there a Scotland in space?”
“They’re all over the place.”

“Smile … you’re in the belly of the beast.”

Did you watch last week’s episode of Doctor Who? What did you think? 


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