[Top Ten Tuesday] Ten Things On My Reading Wishlist

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish and runs every Tuesday — obviously. 

This weeks’ Top Ten Tuesday is all about what we’d like to see more of in books, from tropes to time periods to plots, etc. Here’s what I came up with!

1. More fun time travel stories!

Ever since I read Outlander, I’ve loved time travel stories. I would love something fun, maybe going to a different time period, similar to Gina Lamm’s Geek Girls series.

2. More city-to-country books! 

I adore any story where a guy or girl from the “big city” moves out to the country to start afresh, or maybe be with someone they love in the country. They’re more of a fish out of water and don’t know much about farm life, etc. I would love to see more like this. This would be similar to Katherine Center’s The Lost Husband.

3. More honest romances / less love triangles! 

Has anyone in real life actually ever been a part of a love triangle? Are they something that happens to everyone except the people I’ve known? I feel like, in books, the main character always has suitors tripping over themselves for some romance when it just doesn’t happen in real life. I love a good romance that I can relate to, with the struggles and an honest relationship between two people.

4. More books set in Scotland / Ireland / England! 

I love any good story, but I love the setting of a book that takes place in Scotland, or Ireland, or even England. Maybe another fish out of water type of book? Like a Canadian or American moving to those countries and having to make a living, meet friends, find romance, etc.

5. More YA that takes place in Canada! 

One book that always sticks out in my mind is The Space Between Us by Jessica Martinez, which takes place in Banff, Alberta. I LOVE this book because I can visualize the places it takes place right in my head because I’ve been there. I’d love a book that takes place in Victoria or Nova Scotia (that isn’t an Anne of Green Gables type of book).

6. More Scottish romances! 

I love a good Scottish romance so the more the better! This can be historical with highlanders (really, anything with kilts) or maybe someone moving to Scotland and finding love or something similar.

7. More road trip books — or travel to other countries! 

I will never, ever tire of a good road trip book. I’m such a hermit that I love living vicariously through people in books who travel!

8. A book about a book blogger? 

I love books that take place in bookstores, or have book clubs, or just people who read … but how fun would it be to have a book about someone who blogs about books? Maybe they find a portal somewhere in their bookcase, or time travel through one of their books one day, or maybe something more contemporary about book con or something?

9. YA books that take place outside of America! 

I feel like every single — or nearly every single — YA book takes place in The United States and even though teens can connect to that since it takes place somewhere they know, I would love to see more that take place elsewhere, like Australia, or Japan, or India, or Mexico, or South America. I mean, those places have teens, right?

10. Parallel Worlds! 

I love those books that stem off of what would happen if your life went one way vs another way. Like what if you took that job? What if your parents never got divorced? What if you went with this guy vs that guy? Something to the effect of how just ONE CHOICE can alter the rest of your life and what if you made that choice? What if you took the safe way vs the hard way?

What do YOU want to see more of in books? 


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