June is #AudiobookMonth! Here’s My Audiobook Story! #LoveAudiobooks

June is Audiobook Month! Join me for the entire month of June while I share audiobook reviews, thoughts, my favourite narrators, audiobooks, and so much more! 

my audiobook story

Even though it’s been 6 years since I started listening to audiobooks, I still feel so new to them! If you asked me who my favourite narrator’s were, I couldn’t rattle them off like I could my favourite authors, and I’m sure I haven’t discovered some of the best out there. I still rely on recommendations to find good books to listen to, and I am still working on finding the perfect times to listen to audiobooks. I’ve listened to some where I ended up not liking the book, then later realizing that I could probably do with actually rereading the book in physical format. I’m still finding my way, it seems!

My very first audiobook was not an audiobook in the way we know them now, but it was back when I was little and my brother would record my Little Golden Books onto tape and I would follow along in my books and turn the page when he prompted me to. After that, I wasn’t the biggest reader, so I obviously wasn’t the biggest audiobook listener. I listened to my first audiobook when I first participated in Dewey’s 24-Hour Read-a-Thon back in 2011 and it was on CD and that of a comedian that I didn’t even really watch at all, but I was just getting into audiobooks and really didn’t know what resources, besides the CDs at the library, were available.

Now, 6 years later, I’ve listened to over 200 audiobooks, which is amazing to me! I’ve found where to get them, realized how I prefer to listen to them, and even though I’m still working out what kinds of books I prefer to listen to vs. which ones I prefer to read in physical format, I’m definitely enjoying the ride!

where do i get my audiobooks from?

I used to be an Audible subscriber, but it started to get a bit too costly for me to be a member, so now I solely use my library, which has a great selection of books. Currently, I’m with three different libraries, so I get books through three different Overdrive accounts and they are all getting new books every week! Through another library, I can request they buy a certain amount of books every month and usually one of my requests is an audiobook. My library also has Hoopla, and I like listening to books through Hoopla, though it’s not the best quality, especially since I like to speed up my books. BUT anything I can get online beats listening on CD where I can’t speed up the narration.

what kind of audiobooks do i listen to & when do i listen to them? 

I have to be in the certain mood for certain audiobooks. There are some, like YA contemporaries, that I can usually listen to at any time, but others, like horror or sci fi or historicals, I have to be in the certain mood for. I also have to take into account when I can actually listen to a book – if I’m doing a lot of driving, or have big housecleaning or yardwork plans, then I’ll put on something that I can pay more attention to; whereas if I’m only able to listen while making dinner or while the kids are going to need me, I’ll put on something light. I like to listen while I get breakfast ready, while I do household chores, while I drive, while I’m cleaning up after the day’s end, while I do yardwork, etc. I also usually only try to listen to books that are under 9 hours – sometimes I can go for something over 10 if I can comfortably listen at 2x the speed, but I like audiobooks I can listen to within two days.

What’s your story with audiobooks? What kinds do you listen to and when do you listen to them? What’s your favourite audiobook?


2 thoughts on “June is #AudiobookMonth! Here’s My Audiobook Story! #LoveAudiobooks

  1. I love this post! I guess I started little too, as my library used to have the books in a bag that came with a cassette tape so you read along while listening. I saw a few at my local library so I’m glad to see they still exist.

    I usually listen to audio CDS from the library so I can listen in the car or on my old discman while i cut the lawn and I have purchased some audio CDs from used bookstore and thrift store.

    I plan to start using Overdrive soon for audio as I’d only used it for ebooks in the past. And I need to install Hoopla still as I just learned about it recently from my library.

    I don’t have a set genre to listen to, I just pick whatever looks interesting. And I don’t even remember narrator names much except Jim Dale because I’m currently working my way through the Harry Potter audio CDs from the library. 😀

    • I love seeing libraries doing unique things to get people to listen to books! There’s a library near me that has audiobooks that come on their own little tape-like thing, so you just have to plug in your headphones and listen. So even if you don’t have a computer or a way to listen digitally, AND if you don’t have a discman, you can still listen.

      I remember listening on my discman, too, and I’d have to wear a fanny pack to do yardwork so I wouldn’t drop it! Overdrive rocks for audiobooks. Hoopla is nice, too, but since I usually speed up my books, it distorts them a bit so it’s harder to listen. Hopefully your Overdrive has a good selection!

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