My Favourite New-To-Me Narrators (& My Next Listens By Them!)

Like I mentioned in my Audiobook Story at the beginning of the month, I’ve been listening to audiobooks for nearly 6 years now! While I love listening to my favourite stories on audiobook, or listening to new favourite stories on audiobook, getting the experience of a story during times I normally wouldn’t be able to read, what I really love is that moment when I completely fall in love with a narrator. Some people just tell a story so well that once you finish one story, you have to listen to more of their narrations.

Some narrators are just so good that you don’t even think about physically reading a book because you know the experience of listening will be even better. Katherine Kellgren is one of those narrators for me. I think the first audiobook I listened to by her was The Mysterious Howling, the first book in Maryrose Wood’s The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place series, and she just told a story in such a fun and animated way that I just had to seek out what else she’s narrated. And even now, just looking her up on Goodreads, I’ve seen that she’s narrated stories that are on my wishlist, and other stories I’ve loved and read the physical book for, and I just get so excited to listen to even more by her!

Katherine Kellgren is probably my all-time favourite narrator, but this year I’ve been coming across even more narrators that I want to listen to more of. So that’s what I’m going to share today, my new-to-me favourite audiobook narrators and what’s next on my listening list from them!

Rebecca Soler

I first listened to Rebecca’s work this year when I read Marissa Meyer’s Heartless, and then again when I listened to her Lunar Chronicles series, and also with Ally Condie’s Atlantia. I just loved how she told the story, with animation and with emotion. I especially loved The Lunar Chronicles and how easy it was to tell the difference between the characters – they all had such a unique voice to them and their story wasn’t just told, but performed.

What I Plan To Listen To Next: 

Shannon McManus

I first listened to Shannon McManus when I found some Kasie West audiobooks through my library’s Hoopla website. I had read only a couple of Kasie’s books, so I was super excited to find more available on audiobook. Automatically, I loved Shannon’s narration. These books are just fun YA contemporaries and she just gets that across to the reader. Her pacing is great and her emotion is spot on. Honestly, I love both reading Kasie’s books and listening to them, so I’d be torn when her next one comes out! In the meantime, I look forward to listening to more of Shannon’s narrations to see what else she can do.

What I Plan To Listen To Next:

Julia Whelan

I might not have found Julia Whelan’s narrations but I won a copy of Optimists Die First by Susin Nielsen through a Twitter contest and then saw my library had the audiobook for it available so I gave it a go. I really enjoyed Julia’s narration and when I saw she narrated another book I was looking to read, A Million Junes by Emily Henry, I gave her another go and she’s just so good at telling these stories. Both stories were full of such emotion and I love how Julia got that across to the listener.

What I Plan To Listen To Next:

Peter Kenny

Now, normally when I plan to listen to Doctor Who books, I’ll only do so if a former actor of the Doctor is narrating. I particularly like David Tennant’s narrations, but I’m totally biased since Ten is my favourite Doctor. However, when I saw that Neil Gaiman had a Doctor Who story out, I had to get the audiobook. It was narrated by Peter Kenny and he was just so much fun to listen to! He might not have been a former Doctor but he sure sounded like one. Enough so  that I definitely want to listen to more by him!

What I Plan To Listen To Next: 

Marisa Calin

I had owned the first two books in Kirsten Gier’s Precious Stone trilogy for some time and it wasn’t until I saw the library had the audiobooks that I finally started to read it – and I’m glad I got the audiobooks because Marisa Calin’s narration of the series was so good that I seriously binged this series over a weekend. The story wasn’t just told, but was full of emotion and you could just feel the intensity of what was going on. I loved listening to this series so much that I have to listen to more of her narrations!

What I Plan To Listen To Next: 

Kirby Heyborne

Another new narrator this year, though he’s narrated a TON of books! I didn’t even realize that I had listened to Kirby’s narrating earlier in the year when I listened to Mary Kubica’s Don’t You Cry, or when I listened to Cynthia Hand’s All The Bright Places. It wasn’t until I heard him narrate Ransom Riggs’s Library of Souls, the third book in the Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children series, that I really noticed how amazing his narrating was. Like most of my favourite narrators, Kirby doesn’t just tell the story, he performs the story, and it’s really something to listen to!

What I Plan To Listen To Next:

And those are just some of my new-t0-me audiobook narrator discoveries of this year — who are some of yours? 


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