The Genius of Audiobooks (Part II) #LoveAudiobooks

Way back in the day, when I think I had listened to maybe 50 audiobooks, I wrote a post about how amazing audiobooks were. I felt like I had hit my stride when it came to listening and I knew what I liked and what I didn’t like. Now, I’ve hit OVER 200 audiobooks and I love them even more than I used to!

One of the things I love about audiobooks is that you can listen to them when you can’t physically read a book. Now that I’m a parent, I realize that the act of physically reading a book is so hard to work into my schedule. I’m lucky that my kids are growing up and go to bed good and get up at a decent time, so I definitely get at least 4-5 hours of reading time when I put my mind to it. Of course, there’s all the other things that come with being a parent and homeowner. I can’t just drop everything most days and read – there’s still lots of things that need to get done!

Between being a mom and being a homeowner and being a blogger, here are the many ways I listen to audiobooks:

  1. While cleaning the house.
  2. When doing the laundry.
  3. When picking random stuff up and moving it to the place it should be.
  4. When emptying the dishwasher.
  5. When making bread.
  6. When making breakfast/lunch/dinner.
  7. When cleaning up from breakfast/lunch/dinner.
  8. When driving.
  9. When doing me things like painting my nails.
  10. When I go grocery shopping by myself.
  11. When updating posts for my blog.
  12. When drafting posts for my blog.
  13. When making lists for my blog.
  14. When sending emails to people about my blog.
  15. When updating my reading spreadsheets.
  16. When randomly scrolling through Facebook or Twitter.
  17. When vacuuming.
  18. When mowing the lawn.
  19. When weeding the garden.
  20. When cleaning my car.
  21. When cleaning the garage.
  22. When doing the recycling.
  23. When organizing a closet.
  24. When working on paperwork.
  25. When doing a puzzle.
  26. When going for a walk.
  27. When “book shopping” on my library’s website.
  28. When wandering the library.
  29. When waiting in a long line up.
  30. When baking cookies.
  31. When cleaning the toilet.
  32. When backing up my phone or iPad.
  33. When dusting.
  34. When making up pages for the blog that don’t require lots of focus (like archives).
  35. When cleaning the fridge.
  36. When organizing my library.
  37. When washing the walls.
  38. When stripping the sheets & making the beds.
  39. When cleaning the play room.
  40. When the kids fall asleep in the car and I’m trapped with nothing to do.

And that’s probably only a handful of things you can do while listening to an audiobook! The beauty of them is that you’re really only listening to them when you can’t physically read a book, so if you find you’re not quite into the book or you don’t like the narrator, there’s really no time lost because you wouldn’t have been able to read at that time anyway. I mean, if I get a half hour into an audiobook while I’m driving and I just don’t like it, what loss is it to me? I’d be driving anyway and probably just listening to music. So, really, I could listen to the same National album I’ve listened to hundreds of times again, or try out a new book – no time lost to me.

The only real cons I can think of to audiobooks are:

  1. Having to explain to people that LISTENING TO AUDIOBOOKS IS THE SAME AS READING A BOOK. Sure, it’s a different experience, but if someone sits next to me and reads a book to me, does that mean I didn’t read the book? I can still tell you everything that happened, so you saying that it’s NOT reading is not really true.
  2. You will have just as hard of a time picking a new audiobook to listen to as you do picking out a physical book to read. Seriously, there are SO MANY TO CHOOSE FROM.
  3. And speaking of a hard time, when you fall in love with a narrator you have to choose whether you’re going to read the physical book or listen to their narration – this is made even harder when you just learn that they narrate one of your favourite authors’ books. I mean, you loved reading the physical books but it’s THIS NARRATOR. What do you do??
  4. And speaking of narrators, your TBR list is just going to get bigger because once you listen to a few books by one narrator and you realize they’re amazing, you’re going to want to listen to everything they narrate. It’s basically the same as falling in love with an author. GOODBYE FREE TIME!
  5. And, lastly, and probably the more serious one, is that some libraries just don’t have a big selection of audiobooks. When I first wrote a post like this, I was getting CDs from my library to listen to – I don’t even think they had ebooks and audiobooks online, or if they did, I had no clue. CDs are big and bulky and you can’t speed them up or remember where you were when listening so listening to audiobooks through Overdrive or Hoopla is a LIFE CHANGER. I love that I can hook up my bluetooth headphones to my iPad and just go about doing my thing and NOT be carrying around a walkman. I mean, if I thought cleaning the toilet while reading a hardcover was awkward …

And, of course, the pros for audiobooks are endless:

  1. You can speed them up! I still listen to audiobooks slower than I would read a book, but I’ve gotten used to listening to most narrators at 2x the speed. 2x! Now, even listening to that sometimes feels too slow.
  2. You can sync devices so that you can listen on your phone AND your iPad! ALWAYS HAVE YOUR BOOK WITH YOU!
  3. You get to discover new narrators who are amazing! Seriously, narrators who just read the story to you are just okay, but narrators who PERFORM THE STORY are amazing.
  4. You will look like you’re listening to music when out in public, but then you’ll hit a funny part in the story and just start laughing uncontrollably and people will stare at you. Yes, this is a pro! You can then tell these people about the genius of audiobooks!
  6. You can literally double the amount of books you read in a year! Just by driving in one week I can listen to 1-2 audiobooks. JUST BY DRIVING!
  7. You can listen to stories that your whole family will love! My kids are still little, but we can put on kids audiobooks that they might like, OR my library has those little beginner books that they can read where they still show the pictures but the story is read out loud and the words are highlighted as the story goes on. My kid LOVES these books!
  8. Your house will be spotless! You can literally listen AND clean and when you’re listening to an amazing narration, you will want to find things to do JUST so you can listen!
  9. You will get to know your city! Just like #8, you will be listening to an amazing narration and just have to KEEP DRIVING so that you can keep listening! I’ve done this to get to the end of a chapter!
  10. YOU WILL FALL IN LOVE WITH AUDIOBOOKS! Seriously, when you find the right one for you, you will wonder where the hell they’ve been all your life.

What is something that you do while listening to audiobooks? Do you consider listening to audiobooks the same as reading a book? I talked of some of the cons of audiobooks, but what are your pros for audiobooks – what have you told readers about audiobooks that made them really want to listen to one?


7 thoughts on “The Genius of Audiobooks (Part II) #LoveAudiobooks

  1. I have the hardest time with audio books. I’ve read a handful that I’ve enjoyed, but they’ve all been either memoirs or children’s books. I wish I could *get into* them because, like you said, I could read a book while cleaning or on my daily commute, etc. Did you ever have any trouble with the whole being able to focus on the book and multitask whatever else you were doing? That seems to be my main problem with audio books.

    • I find that there are certain books I love listening to, where I can focus and not feel lost when I have to put it down and pick it up again. Usually that’s contemporary books, or lighter YA, or non-fiction. I’ve tried fantasy books before but they’re just too detailed that I feel lost when I try to multitask. Contemporary YA tends to be the type of book I go to. If I’m doing something while listening where it’s easier to pay attention, like cleaning, then I might put on something like horror or a more detailed fiction, since I know I can pay better attention, but I think the key for me was to find the type of book that doesn’t have crazy details AND one that I can still listen to sped up because I like finishing audiobooks quickly. Usually if I can’t focus on a book while multitasking, I’ll switch to music, then try again the next day with a different title. I’ve definitely put down some audiobooks and favoured their physical counterpart many times! Good luck!

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  3. The times I listen to audiobooks most is when driving, when I helped cut lawns (I drove the lawn tractor and listened), after toddler goes to bed and I’m working on my blog and when weeding the gardens.

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