My Top 🇨🇦 Canadian Children’s Books!

Since I’m a mama and my kids love to look through books, I just had to share my favourite Canadian children’s books! This is a bit of a tough one because a children’s book can be anything from a picture book to a novel, so I’m going to just pick what I love for anyone who’s younger than a young adult, with the focus being on picture books because we read a lot of them here!

I could put ANY Ashley Spires title on this list, but I think Binky is my favourite. I’m not a cat person but these books make me love cats! I love all of them and can’t wait to share them with my kids.

Not a picture book, but a classic, Anne of Green Gables is such a fun story! I’m currently watching the CBC version of the story and it’s so great to relive it. I’m loving the TV show so much that I think I need to reread this book because Anne is such a great character. She’s a dreamer and I relate to her so much.

Even before I had kids, I read Scaredy Squirrel, and he will always be my favourite Canadian critter! These books are a ridiculous amount of fun and even though my kids don’t get the story right now, they love flipping through the books. They’re just so detailed and fun and just great stories for kids and adults alike!

A Canadian classic! Even though I’m not a hockey fan, I love this book about growing up with the game of hockey, having your idols, and the story of friendship. I feel like no matter what team you cheer for, this is the kind of book that should be on every Canadian kid’s shelf.

And a special one for me … 

This book isn’t on my kid’s shelf but on my own! I was given this book at Christmas from my husband’s family and I love it so so much. I am a HUGE Hawksley Workman fan and his album, Almost a Full Moon, is my most favourite Christmas album. I pull it out every year when the first snow falls and listen to it constantly. I think at one point I knew that he had a book out based on the last song on the album but I completely forgot about it until I unwrapped this beauty at Christmas. It holds a high spot up on my Canada bookcase and I’m so happy to have it in my collection! It’s a great story about coming together as a community and helping those less fortunate, because what better to do in the cold Canadian months than make some soup and share it with your neighbours.

What are your favourite Canadian children books? 


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