[Children’s Book Thoughts] Peek A Flap Who, Little Yellow Bee, & I Love Sharks, Too!

I was lucky enough to get some books from a friend of mine who works at Thomas Allen & Sons the other day. She was sending me a copy of a book they had blurbed my cover thoughts on and I was surprised and happy to see that she sent me not only that, but four other books for me AND three for my kids!

Now, my kids LOVE books. They adore any book that has them searching the pages for items, or looking under flaps for things, or just books with lots of colours, great stories, and lots of fun for both them and my husband and me. The three books that I got were AWESOME. Two of them were lift the flap books – Peek A Flap Who and Little Yellow Bee – and normally I hate lift the flap books because they’re so flimsy. My kids will open them up, lift a flap, and something gets ripped immediately. These books, however, have heavier flaps that seem almost indestructible and are perfect for tiny ninja hands!

My daughter gave these books to my husband to read over and over again and it was so much fun watching them find the birds and other animals on the pages – and I loved the surprise on her face as she lifted all the flaps. Of course my three and a half year old had to get in on it too and they both cuddled up to dad, reading them over and over. Little Yellow Bee is definitely for a smaller audience, but Lift The Flap Who is not only fun to read, but educational, which is something that I love. It’s perfect for both of them!

I Love Sharks, Too! is a picture book rated 3 and up and I thought it was so much fun! I had read some reviews on it and one had said that they didn’t like how there was no addressing of the little boy’s behaviour in the book. As I read the book, I loved how the story was interspersed with shark facts, making it flow really nice. I don’t think it needed a resolution because the whole story was how Stevie thought he was a shark, too, and wanted to do things like a shark would. At the “end” of the story there are then pages of shark facts and, honestly, for any young child who loves learning facts like this, it’s a great book! We all learned lots reading the story and I know my kids will find it fascinating when they can read it on their own. There are LOTS of other books about child behaviour that a few can just be silly and fun.

Thank you so much to Ambur at Thomas Allen & Sons for sending me copies of these wonderful books! 


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