My Self-Imposed, First Quarter, Two Week Read-My-Own-Damn-Books-A-Thon!

I’m writing this post on the 11th and as of today 6 out of 10 of the books I’ve read this year have been library books – and currently I’m reading two more library books. If you recall my goals set at the beginning of the year, you’ll know that I decided to not buy any books so I’m doing well with that and using the library, but one of my other goals was to read my own books since I owned, at the beginning of January, 355 unread books.

SO I decided that once quarterly, for two weeks, I’ll be reading ONLY my own books, as an attempt to try and get my TBR down. Not only that, but I’m signed up for a few reading challenges for this year that have me reading my own books and it would be nice to try and get ahead.

Starting on January 21 through to February 3, I’ll be reading my own books, NO library books, NO rereads, and see what kind of a dent I can make in my reading pile. This does overlap with the Persephone read-a-thon, which is fine, since I’ll be reading my own books for that, too.

Here’s what I would like to read, but if you know me, this is definitely subject to change:


From the Edith Wharton collection, I want to read The House of Mirth, and I’ll also be reading at least one of my Persephone books, too. I’m keeping the list pretty low, so hopefully I can fit in some more books, maybe a few of my Little Black Classics, in there as well.

Do you ever have self-imposed read-a-thons? How have you been at reading your own books this year?


18 thoughts on “My Self-Imposed, First Quarter, Two Week Read-My-Own-Damn-Books-A-Thon!”

  1. This is such a good idea! I may have to do something similar…but more spread out, because I’ve gone and filled my reading schedule up quite a bit. I’m silly. Sigh. I just can’t resist those awesome upcoming books!

    1. Me, neither! I have so many books that I’m really looking forward to and I’ve gotten a few ARCs already – but I’m a pretty fast reader, so hopefully I can get to them all AND the books on my TBR.

  2. I suck at reading books I already own. I buy them with good intentions and then I see a new shinier one. In theory, this year I’m supposed to read only books I own. Off to a rocky start. I’m in the process of reading to ARCs I received this year and I’ve already managed to buy 3 books. I don’t feel bad about the purchases because total I’ve only spent $9.

    1. Ha ha … I’ve obtained a few ARCs already, too, just because I want to buy less full-price or slightly reduced price books, but still want to read the ones on my anticipated release list. I’m lucky to have gotten a bunch of them and now I have to read them! I have bought a few books with gift cards (which don’t count, as far as I’m concerned, as books I bought, but rather gifts) and only one of them has been full priced. I try to stick to the sale section at the bookstore and books under $10 are great in my books!

  3. What a good idea to whittle down your TBR! I’ve been doing well about reading my own books so far this year, but not so great about not buying more of them. I hope you have a wonderful readathon! The House of Mirth is amazing and I love Kate Morton’s novels too.

    1. So many people have said The House of Mirth is great! I can’t wait to get to it! I’m reading the Kate Morton right now and I’m really enjoying it – I can’t believe it was just published in 2015 – for some reason I thought it was older!

  4. This is a brilliant idea! This year, I’m reading almost exclusively from my slightly-bigger-than-I’m-OK-with unread books pile for the whole year, but I think a regular read your own damn books-athon would be a great idea to help keep my pile from getting to big again.

    Also, Malgash was a great read. Admittedly, I’m a bit bias towards it was it’s set near where my family used to spend their summers. But, it was also lovely.

    1. My pile is also slightly bigger than I’m okay with – I’m glad I’m not the only one! I’m glad to hear that Malagash was so good! I can’t wait to get to it – plus, I like that it’s a shorter book.

  5. hahaha love that title. Way to go. Those books look real good. I happened to buy 18 more books this year already, not to mention another book box which arrived with 3 books and another quarterly subscription I made to book boxes. Umm, now I have initiated a book-buying ban until June and I am trying to keep away from people who keep showing their great collection and not peeking at online sales. Phew. I haven’t counted my unread books but they must be close to 300, I am guessing. I hope to make a dent in them this year or so I wish. With 6 library books staring at me. lol. My blabbering aside, Good luck to you!

    1. Ha ha … it’s so hard to read a blog post or watch a vlog and not add books to my list! I have a $10 gift card for Indigo for next week and will grab a few $5 books then. Book sales are the worst for me – I’ll definitely be staying away from them this year!

  6. What a great idea to set aside time each quarter like that. I tend to think in weeks and months, but quarterly for such an intention is perfect! I just might have to try something like that. Thanks for the inspiration! Also, I loved The House of Mirth.

    1. That’s good to know! And yeah, I do read my own books throughout the year but I do tend to get caught up in library books or review books so it’s nice to dedicate some time to reading my own books.

  7. I’m doing the same as you. I have a bit of a library ban on at the moment because they’re keeping me from reading my books here at home. I have to have them all read before April 1st (before I move) so my first quarter is going to be a bit of a read-my-own-damn-books-a-thon too.

    Is that Frankenstein I spy in your TBR? I’ve been wanting to re-read that this year.

    1. Ha ha … I agree with that! I have to remind myself that the library books will always be there and to get my own damn books read. lol. I hope you can get lots of reading done before the move! And yes, that is Frankenstein! It’s a pretty short book and I hope I like it.

    1. I hope you can get more read! I just shopped my shelves yesterday and picked a big pile of them to read in February. I’d at least like to get mine on one level on the shelf – currently my TBR bookcase is double stacked!

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